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Mandy is, well it’s a weird one. There’s a cult, and demon motorcyclists, and a fancy axe. Stars and planets and a lot of red lighting. Plus Cage in his Tighty-Whities and a vicious snowflake (pretty sure that’s what he said).


Set in 1983, Red and Mandy live in the woods in their secluded cabin. One day Mandy catches the eye of a cult leader who sends a gang of demons to capture her. Red will stop at nothing to get her back, leaving carnage in hiw wake.

Starring Nicolas Cage (Face/Off, Looking Glass), Andrea Riseborough (Birdman, Oblivion), Linus Roache (Batman Begins, The Chronicles of Riddick), Ned Dennehy (Good Omens, Peaky Blinders), Olwen Fouéré (This Must Be The Place, Beast), and Richard Brake (31, Kingsman: The Secret Service).

Review of Mandy

Mandy Review Conclusion

I probably won’t watch it again – Look, I’m gonna be honest, this movie takes a long time to get interesting. It is very weird, like a fever dream. And then it just keeps getting weirder after the 40-minute mark. But Cage’s performance is brilliant and once you get into the final third he’s let loose. There was a very weird jumpy bit too -Yup, this film made me jump.

3.5 Stars

Delectables to devour as you watch: Maybe sausage and mash would be a good option for this one, it’s not going to keep you so engrossed you spill the gravy down your front. Then maybe some CBD chocolate brownies for desert.

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