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She Gave Her Mother Forty Wacks

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles is a TV mini series starring Christina Ricci, Clea DuVall, and Cole Hauser. Set in 1852 this is a fictionalised account of what happened to Lizzie Borden after she was acquitted of killing her step mother and father is as dark and twisted as you’d expect.  

Dammit I like this one! With the exception of a jiggly camera every now and then the combination of shots and music had me within the first few minutes. Then it just kept moving forwards. The slow scenes weren’t so slow as to be boring and the fast scenes were nicely visual.

I think with this kind of story, and the way it is often written about, it’s easy to forget the era it occurred in. It almost satisfies my need for a gritty western combined with the rich darkness of Hannibal. And with so many little side stories going on it has the characters to keep you intrigued.

Lizzie Borden is wickedly twisted and easily slides between innocent woman to cold faced killer.

Lizzie Borden
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The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Review Conclusion

YES! – Thoroughly enjoying this show and will be watching the rest. Probably over the next couple of days (don’t quite have the time to just binge watch it). Oops episode 2 started playing…

It’s not quite as gritty as I would like and there’s that juddery camera thing occasionally but still, a girl can’t get everything she wants…now can she?

4.5 stars 

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