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April Roundup

With Deep State, Legion, The Alienist, and Westworld on our screens April has stepped up and delivered. But what does May have in store – does it stand a chance against April’s line up? Will it bring some interesting new stuff, long-awaited new seasons, movies to keep us in wondering if there’s a superhero suit out there for us?

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And that’s not all, check out the news in brief at the end for a little bit of what’s happening with our favourite shows, movies, and celebrities. Seriously, I cannot believe that about Ash.

TV Land: Legion, Westworld, The Terror

I have been dipping my toes into Deep State, testing out Lost in Space, experiencing legion, and sampling Marvel’s Runaways – okay, this sentence sounded better in my head. Saddle up folks, Westworld is back!

  • Wolf Creek Season 2 – Fox 3rd April
  • The Americans Season 6 – ITV4 4th April
  • Deep State – Fox 5th April
  • Gotham Season 4 – E4 10th April
  • Stan Against Evil – Fox 12th April
  • Lost in Space Reboot – Netflix 13th April
  • Legion Season 2 – Fox 17th April
  • Supernatural Season 13 – E4 17th April
  • Marvel’s Runaways – SyFy UK 18th April
  • The Alienist – Netflix 19th April
  • Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 – AMC Global 23rd April
  • Westworld Season 2 – Sky Atlantic 23rd April
  • The Terror – AMC Global (exclusive to BT) 24th April
  • Superstition – Netflix 29th April


It’s back and just as messed up as the first time.

The Terror

Whilst I was looking forward to this show, it will only be airing in the UK on BT’s AMC Global channel. That means, as far as I can tell, the rest of us will miss out. Or have to wait until it appears on Prime or Netflix. It’s not the only show to have been exclusive to a TV service in the UK, Ash Vs Evil Dead was exclusive to Virgin and only if you had a specific package with them. I’m not certain that this way of releasing a show works in the show’s favour. And I imagine, only works marginally well to bring people/new customers to the service provider in question.

Is any one show good enough to convince you to switch providers? Considering the other channels you get with your package. And that many people are now choosing to go provider free with their TV. Choose none contract reliant options like NowTV and Netflix. Could this be a contributing factor to some shows being cancelled?

So, if you happen to be able to watch The Terror and would like the opportunity to write a piece for the Kate Trinity blog please get in touch.

Movie Land for March 2018:
  • Woody Woodpecker – 1st April
  • A Quiet PLace – 5th April
  • Death Wish – 6th April
  • I Kill Giants – 6th April
  • Ghost Stories – 6th April
  • Rampage – 11th April
  • Truth or Dare – 13th April
  • The Titan – 13th April
  • Wildling – 20th April
  • Avengers: Infinity War – 26th April

Looking Ahead

What’s in store for May – can May out do April? We’ve had some amazing shows start both on regular telly and on the on-demand sites through April. Let’s take a look-see at what’s coming up…

On TV for May in the UK:

  • The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 – Channel 4 (TBC)
  • Elementary Season 6 – Sky Living (TBC)
  • Humans Season 3 – Channel 4 (TBC)
  • Slasher: Guilty Party Season 2 – Pick TV 1st
  • Siren Season 1 – Syfy 3rd
  • The 100 Season 5 – E4 9th
  • Safe – Netflix 10th May

Safe looks particularly good with Dexter’s Michael C. Hall playing the father of a teenage girl who goes missing. Siren also looks like it’s going to be a particularly dark take on mermaid legends.

Movies for May:

It’s funny, I’m looking at the TV shows and the Movies coming out in May ( not just horror, action, or western either) and wondering what the distribution companies have against May. Anyway, what follows are the few movies of interest we will be getting (in reverse order of release) in the UK for May.

  • Deadpool 2 (thank god) – 15th May
  • The Cured – 11th May
  • Revenge – also the 11th May
  • The Strangers: Prey at Night – 4th of May

News in Brief

John Wick Chapter Three has begun filming in New York with two titles being bandied about: Alpha Cop (the working title), and Para Bellum (which I think may have been inspired by own new monster series Noctisbellum Inc.).

James Gunn is asking everyone who goes to see Avengers: Infinity War to keep any spoilers to themselves and not share them all over social media – which I think we should all agree to do.

Bruce Campbell has officially retired as Ash in Ash vs Evil Dead as the news came that the series was not renewed for a fourth season. Some have pondered the possibility of it continuing without Ash, and suggested Netflix take on this incredible show. Whether either of these things will occur is in the hands of the TV gods, so start praying.

Families in an Australian theatre this month got a surprise when the Hereditary trailer was mistakenly played before Peter Rabbit. I’m guessing Peter Rabbit seemed tame by comparison.

And if you haven’t been paying attention, I’ve released the first in the Noctisbellum Inc. series which begins my monster universe. Stars is┬áthe story of a girl determined to be a famous ghost hunter who ends up in the clutches of monsters. It got a four-star review already so I’m super chuffed ­čÖé

Stars is available here for 70p ($0.99) but for a short time only you can grab it for free with code: HY48H 

What say you?

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