Interviewing the Author of The Seller of Sins: Redemption – Kristina Gallo

A regular on Kate Trinity, Kristina Gallo is in the spotlight this week. And with her latest book, The Seller of Sins Part 2, Redemption, now available on Amazon, I thought it was time to ask her a few questions.

Meet Kristina Gallo

What got you started writing? Can you remember the first one you wrote (and do you still have it)?

My first book in English was “Lost in the virtual world.” I still have it on Amazon. Conflicts in
social media inspired me to write a book. I had a few bitter experiences in the virtual world. It was the start of my inspiration, I wanted to forward my experience to readers.

Who are your influences? What did you read growing up? And do you think your love of psychology fuels your writing or is it something else?

I am a big fan of Agatha Christie, Guy de Maupassant, Francoise Sagan. My life experiences
inspired me to write. Also, I love psychology, it is visible in my book characters. My heroines
are women who can stand up for themselves.

What is your process for creating your works? Do you start with the story or the character?

I start with the story, later my readers will know about characters accord their actions. It is

What does the future look like for your books?

I hope for better sales and more reviews. I wish to reach a bigger audience. I promote myself on social media, hope to gain more followers.

You mentioned you were working on something new, could you tell us more about that?

I wrote a sequel for my book The Seller of Sins. It is The Seller of Sins part 2, Redemption.
My readers mentioned in their reviews that book finished too fast, some questions did not
answer, so I decided to write a sequel. In the sequel, I explained all details about characters
and I finished their story.

If someone wanted to do what you do what piece of advice would you give them?

Being an author is not an easy job. Many people believe that is necessary only to write a book and publish on Amazon. Everyone who wishes to be serious author needs to find an editor, cover creator and to promote their books on some sites. Friends can help you to review books, but they must be objective. You need to offer the book to a large circle, to see how worthy the book is.
It is a complicated job, it needs time, patience and persistence. Also, if someone can decide to be an author, that person can’t be sensitive to critics.

What book, movie, and comic would you recommend and why?

I can recommend all Agatha Christie books, but Ten Little Indians is the best. I love her ways, how to hold readers to read a book in one sitting. About movies, I loved Parasite because it shows reality and failures of the system, also I love horrors and Wrong Turn 2021 is a great movie. My other choices would be Saint Maude, that is art-horror based on religious beliefs.

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