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There’s something fishy on that there island

Killer Mermaids intrigued me. There aren’t many movies about mermaids that appeal to me. But hey, if they’re not all sparkly and princess like I can be convinced to watch. Also called Nymph, this movie stars Kristina Klebe, Franco Nero, Natalie Burn, and Dragan Micanovic. Set in Montenegro, two young vacationers discover a girl trapped in a well on an island. Despite having been warned about the island they visit anyway. The island is the home of a deserted prison. And when they try to rescue the girl they discover she is in fact a mermaid. And her guardian is hell bent on making them her next meal.

The trailer makes this movie look amazing, dark, scary, a rip tide of thrills. But it’s just not that fast. There’s a lot of watching girls take off clothes to go swimming, artistic shots against the sun in the boat, and a number of verbal explanations for things that weren’t necessary or could have been shown another way.

That being said I didn’t want to turn it off. Yes it was slow in places, and sometimes felt like a short script made longer with artistic shots, plus there were a few lines that were a little cringy, but the mermaid was well done, including the transformation, and the setting was great.

The ending was a little over done, as if it ended then it ended again but then there was a bit more before it finally ended. It’s a film that felt like if it had a little tightening up and didn’t try to fit so much information in it could have been a lot more engrossing. If you fancy watching it you can buy it at Amazon by clicking on the picture or, in the UK at least, it’s currently on Netflix.

Killer Mermaids

Killer Mermaids Review Conclusion

I might watch it again – Killer Mermaids felt like an eighties movie in parts and had a passing resemblance to early colour horror movies. And whilst I found it kinda slow in places I still enjoyed it. You don’t get many mermaid movies for grown ups.

3 stars 

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