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Wasn’t sure about watching The Revenant

Set in 1820’s American West The Revenant takes us through uncharted wilderness, necessitating the need for a guide with local knowledge. The revenge stories twist around each other in this snow covered landscape. Mauled by a bear and left by the other members of the hunting party Glass is determined to get revenge for the death of his son. The Indians are trying to find one of their own, a daughter held captive.

Despite one or two articles stating The Revenant was a horror I didn’t find it so. However, that could simply be down to the level of gore I’m used to. And whilst some of you will yell at me and say it doesn’t say it’s a horror on IMDb or elsewhere; I find that movies and books are often slotted into the genre it’s thought they will do the best in. But then, it doesn’t even put it in the western catagory so…

Whilst the going was a little slow in places, and the story not quite as clear as it could have been, I enjoyed it. Although, I have to admit I was reluctant to watch this one, what with the riding the horse off the cliff part. But as it turns out there was a reasonably good reason for that happening.

I feel I need to address the bear issue that arose over The Revenant

I hope you’ll forgive my lack of bear knowledge. This is not from the point of view of someone who knows bears, simply someone who enjoys watching movies. For those of us who have never been mauled by a bear it seemed a fairly reasonable…mauling. The human was between the mother and her cubs, they were probably hunting for food (what with it being winter), and I particularly enjoyed the part where she took a taste of his face. I was surprised he survived the attack but if it had ended there it wouldn’t have been much of a story. Can’t help but think, that when they skinned it they should have removed the head. Seemed like that got in the way a lot.

All in all The Revenant was a good movie, if a little longer than it needed to be and perhaps with a less than satisfactory ending. Gruesome and gory in places, perhaps even shocking on occasion, for me it was just a particularly graphic western.

The Revenant
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I think it’s fair to say the line between western and western horror is a fine one. With a strong risk of it being blown away altogether by winter snows or desert winds.

The Revenant Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again – Loved the Revenant location and the camera angles, it was a good Western but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a horror.

3.5 stars 

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