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Huge Strawberries

An important part of the novel is the menu, the way the food is prepared and where it comes from.
Now I know what you are thinking – Where is the blood and gore Kate? – well it’s right here in every recipe.

All the food, except for the wine and chocolates, are prepared in the hotel kitchen and anything that can be grown or produced by Whispers is used as ingredients in the meals the guests are served.

Still not seeing the blood and gore?

Do you remember the blog I did about disposing of the bodies?

They do not serve parts of the bodies as Hannibal Lecter might but they slaughter one of the pigs or a chicken for meat, both animals have a varied diet. Obviously they do not only eat these two types of meat and must on occasion buy in meat.
Then there are the fruit and vegetables which are grown in a homemade fertilizer which produces a more than ample crop to fulfill all of their needs.
They make jams and preserves, the vegetables are served to the guests with meals and the fruit from the orchard is made into fabulous deserts.

So as a taster menu I have selected the following for you.


Herb salad with freshly picked winter berries and crumbly cheese.

(Cheese bought locally)


Slow-roasted pork belly with roasted homegrown vegetables and blood sauce.
(The pork belly is from one of Whispers very own pigs)


Hot plum and berry crumble with vanilla custard.
(Made with Whispers free range eggs and freshly picked fruit from the Whispers orchard.)

Served with a red wine and followed by coffee and chocolates in the lounge.

On the surface this seems like a very simple and pleasing meal but when you consider what the animals have been fed and what the secret ingredient in the fertilizer might be even I would have second thoughts about tucking in.

We do like to know where our food has come from these days and that animals were fed well and treated humanely and as for the fruit and vegetables, what could be better than home grown?

My personal favourite meat is beef heart, cut into chunks and made into a stew with beans and vegetables its very tasty and quite filling.

What would your perfect meal be?

Kate xxx

What say you?

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