Hannibal – We Love, We Dream, We Hope

For some Hannibal was too much, too dark, but for others (like me) it was a revelation. And it ended far too soon. Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy made the perfect onscreen duo, and the supporting cast were delectable. And the darkness somehow a character all of its own, twisting through the episodes towards the far too early conclusion. But was it concluded? Did we really see the end of Hannibal?

Cooked with Love

Throughout the series there were these frissons between characters, often where Dr Bloom was concerned, but particularly between Hannibal and Will. Each character brought a new thrill, tightening the tension, as they raced to find the solution to the crimes. Each crime revealing something new about the characters, each season drawing us deeper and deeper in -that stag permeated my dreams. You could see the love and dedication that went into making this series as gorgeous and glorious as it could be in every scene. How could we not want more?

Feeding Hannibal

Hannibal’s Cookbook

I am not by any means a dinner party thrower. The dining room is a place where I write and not where I entertain guests with beautifully presented and cooked food, sparkling wines, or melt in the mouth deserts. But I can’t help thinking it would be really cool to through a glamourous dinner party with the Hannibal cookbook left “forgotten” on the side, one floury handprint on the cover, a bloodied knife at its side.

The food always looks spectacular and I’m sure I could never produce something quite so extravagant. And that’s down to the work of Janice Poon, the food stylist for the show. She’s also worked on American Gods and you can read more about her work on her blog. I particularly liked the marzipan birds and yes there is a recipe for lungs.

I remember during the first season texting a friend and asking:

“Can you eat lungs?”

To which she replied:

“Apparently, but they seem like they would be squishy.”

Again and Again

Hannibal has become my go-to series when I want something that will really fill all the senses. It makes you think and each time you watch it there seems to be even more to see, to notice, to appreciate. It also makes me hungry and I can’t help thinking there should be a spinoff show called Hannibal does Party Food. A nice cooking show with a dark twist -‘Today we will be using heart, this one came from a particularly rude lawyer but a good alternative is Ox Heart. Full of flavour and very nourishing.’

A well thought out show that constantly has you thinking and questioning motives, even when the character has done nothing, in particular, to make you wonder what they’re up to. And I often feel sorry for Jack who, for all his learning, seems to be a little out thought by the surrounding characters. A little Colombo seeming perhaps as questions occur to him that Hannibal has seemingly been waiting for him to ask.

“I am not the intelligent psychopath you are looking for”

Will Graham

My favourite quote from the show. I like those clever things writers come up with that stick in the brain.

More Hannibal Please

Whilst Hannibal was cancelled at the end of season three, there is a certain amount of begging, cajoling, and pleading going on in an attempt to entice Netflix into continuing the series. But in 2015, Bryan Fuller explained why Netflix couldn’t make the next season of the show but that Amazon possibly could. (He also mentioned that he had ideas for season four.) Are we petitioning the wrong company or have things changed since then? In 2017 Fuller again talked about his ideas for season four, their Inception like qualities, and that he had talked to Mads and Hugh about the storyline. And in a tweet around the same time, that they just had to find someone to finance it.

So it would seem Bryan Fuller, the cast, and the fans are keen to see that fourth season happen. But who will serve as host?