Kate on Evidence

Crime doesn’t pay

If a person is to commit a crime of any kind they undoubtedly hope that they will not be found out. This means that they must leave no trace that they were there, which means no evidence.

If you were asked to name types of evidence you could probably name quite a few. Go ahead name ten now.

The majority of people have watched a television show or movie involving evidence at some point if not religiously. Some writers think of clever ways to have their character avoid leaving evidence or getting caught and one of my favourites is “Dexter” with his plastic sheets.

But no matter how clever the idea there is bound to be an equally clever investigator who can find the one piece of evidence they forgot to get rid of. I do love the various incarnations of Sherlock Holmes we are currently seeing.

Obviously you are wondering whether I have researched this subject at all or simply watched all available television shows on this subject, yes I watch a lot of TV and I am a self confessed DVD-aholic but I also have a handy degree in forensics. I’ve actually used some of those technical things they put in the TV shows.

So evidence could include blood, fibres, hair, footwear marks, fingerprints, glass, paint and many other possible things. Obviously it depends on the crime scene and type of crime as to what evidence is collected. Pictures will be taken and perhaps even video, before any part of the scene is disturbed. There are of course some circumstances where the first thing of importance is preservation of life and if there is an individual at the scene that needs medical attention that is the first thing that takes place, evidence and statements can be taken later.

If it is a murder then the body itself is also evidence and everything from the amount of blood lost to the force used to cause injury can be examined.

Anywhere the body is moved will cause it to collect evidence from the location and leave evidence in the location, for example the boot of the car and yourself.

Can you leave no evidence? Sure, don’t commit the crime.

And that doesn’t mean pay someone else to do it because you will still be held accountable when the trail of evidence leads back to you.

How would I do it?

Well you’ll have to read “Whispers on the Hill” to find out!

Kate xxx