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It is what it says on the tin

Jurassic Games has the feel of Sharknado or Lake Placid when you first come to it – a mash-up of two different things that just kinda work. But then when you watch the trailer you realise it’s a little more like The Condemned or Death Race but with Dinosaurs. Look, I saw the trailer and just knew this was the one to review this week. Coming June 12th on VOD.

Jurassic Games

When ten death row inmates are chosen to star in a reality TV show set in a virtual world filled with Dinosaurs, and where if they die in the virtual world they die in reality, they are pitted against each other for the entertainment of the viewing public. The last inmate standing is granted their freedom. One way or another they each intend to survive. And for Anthony Tucker, that means being reunited with his children.

Starring, amongst others, Ryan Merriman (Final Destination 3, Pretty Little Liars), Perrey Reeves (Entourage, Covert Affairs), Adam Hampton (Gremlin, Rough Cut), Katie Burgess (Two Secrets, Gremlin), Erika Daly (Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, Twenty Somethings), Cate Jones (Mickey Reece’s Alien, Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure this Heart) and Rett Terrell (Gallows Road, My All American).

Jurassic Games

Jurassic Games Review Conclusion

Yeah, I would watch it again – I enjoyed Jurassic Games! What can I say, the fight scenes were fun, the kill scenes varied, and the twist unexpected. I didn’t quite believe the swarm of bugs but they cleaned up real well 😉

4.5 stars 


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