Jared Padalecki as Walker, Texas Ranger? I Have Questions

When I saw the news about a Walker Texas Ranger Reboot I was conflicted. I walk like, Yes! Walker, Texas Ranger and then all, Really, Jared Padalecki? And do we really need a reboot anyway? I mean, I enjoy the reboots of SWAT and Lethal Weapon but they’re not the same are they? There’s a certain lack of daring-do and the crazy is rather tempered.

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Needless to say, one of my first thoughts about Jared Padalecki playing Walker was ‘is he flexible enough?‘, because the thing I loved most about the series was Chuck Norris kicking ass. But maybe the main problem I have is imagining Jared as anyone but Sam Winchester. Oh, I know he’s been in other things but Supernatural has been running for so long, currently entering it’s 15th and final season, and for the boys it’s time to move on. And watching this trailer I can almost imagine it (you know there will be fan made trailers for it before long).

Walker, Texas Ranger

The new series is going to be a re-imagining of the original, not a continuation, and like the original it will explore family, morality, and rediscovering lost common ground. When he returns home after two years undercover, Walker will discover there’s more work to be done at home. And he and his female partner will fight for what’s right, regardless of the rules.

And as the original series often had familiar faces turning up for episodes you never know who might wander in off the Supernatural set to give Walker a hard time. We could even see him teamed up once again with Jensen Ackles, maybe even as a fellow lawman from another state or department chasing down a bad guy. And watching this little clip from supernatural, I reckon I can see Jared as Walker -and maybe even a potential candidate for that female partner. What do you reckon, are you on board with a Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot?

Or are there just far too many reboots and remakes happening right now for your liking? With Hollywood’s current taste for nostalgia, I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more reboots in the coming years. Which is a shame, because I really like new stuff. The past is nice to visit once in a while, but you don’t wanna get stuck there.

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