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Let me start by saying I had barely heard anything about Inside No. 9. Now that I spend most of my TV watching hours on various streaming services I had not noticed this BBC production. Until Halloween, when Bloody Disgusting posted about an episode.

So, having scrolled through all the other offerings and with the feeling that I really was looking for something to surprise, delight, and shock me, I opened BBC iPlayer. And there it was. Four seasons of Inside No. 9 just waiting for my indulgence. Figured I’d give it a go but had no real idea what to expect.

Turns out it was shock, surprise, astonishment, embarrassment, a desire to take those acting classes, and tears! Actual goddamned tears! What have you done to me Inside No. 9?

Inside No. 9

What is Inside No. 9?

From the writers of The League of Gentlemen and Psychoville, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, Inside No. 9 began in 2014 with a very peculiar game of Sardines. The cast is varied, vast and interchangeable. With series regulars Reece and Steve, other familiar faces include Tom Riley, Rosie Cavaliero, Katherine Parkinson, Helen McCroy, Felicity Kendal, Jack Whitehall, and Rufus Jones. To name but a few, the list goes on.

This series’ mix dark humour with horror, thriller, and drama. Bringing each episode it’s own flavour and twist.

The ordinary and mundane rub shoulders with the extraordinary and macabre.

Inside No. 9 Review Conclusion

This is by no means the conclusion, I’m not done yet. I made it as far as Ep2 S2, I have more to watch and I can’t wait. I’ve just taken a short coffee break to throw this together so you know you should go watch it too! (If you haven’t already.)

5 Freakin Stars!

Eat everything, eat anything. Throw it all in one pot. Grab a Champagne, a beer, a coffee. Who cares, by the time you get to the twist you’ll be wearing it anyway! But, er, a word to the wise, maybe skip the food for La Couchette (S2 Ep1).

What say you?

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