Incident in a Ghostland -with Crystal Reed | KT Review

I was in a viewing rut, and as I scrolled through one streaming app after another I spotted Incident in a Ghostland (on Amazon Prime) and it was just intriguing enough to make me press play. It was oddly slow but kept me wondering what was going on, didn’t even pick up my phone whilst watching which is a good indicator that it’s got me at just the right time and in just the right mood. Loved the house it was set in, and the level of kooky in the décor was just right.

**There may be spoilers ahead**

Death Count

A mother of two who inherits a house is confronted with murderous intruders on the first night in their new home and fights for her daughters’ lives. Sixteen years later when the daughters reunite at the house, things get really strange.


Starring Crystal Reed (Teen Wolf, Swamp Thing), Anastasia Phillips (Skins, Killjoys), Mylène Farmer (A Good Year, Arthur and the Invisibles), Emilia Jones (Brimstone, Locke & Key), and Taylor Hickson (Deadpool, Fort Salem).

What I Thought of this Movie

I’d watch it again: It was a strange one, for sure. And the blurb is just a smidge misleading. It’s one of those movies that isn’t full of action but just weird enough to keep you watching. However, if you don’t like creepy dolls, this probably isn’t the movie for you. You have to watch a significant amount to understand what is really happening but when it clicks it gets even better. However, there were a couple of additions to this movie that were perhaps, not entirely necessary -I’ll leave you to decide what those moments were. Definitely worth a watch, just make sure to stock up on the candy first. Marshmallows and gummy sweets, dolls and dresses. Not what you’d expect from a horror.

Rating: 4 out of 5.