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What’s a girl gotta do?

I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore is about a woman whose life just isn’t going to plan, assuming she had one, and who decides to do something about it. Because her house was burgled and that’s just not on. With the help of her neighbour she begins trying to track down the thieves. Only to realise they’re out of their depth. And half way up shit creek – without a paddle, or a boat.

And stars Melanie Lynskey (The Intervention, Up in the Air)Chris Doubek (Boyhood, Krisha)Marilyn Faith Hickey (Men of Honour, Recovery), and Elijah Wood (The Last Witch Hunter, Maniac).  And written and directed by Macon Blair (Green Room, Blue Ruin).  

John Wick – but low key **Spoilers Ahead**

This is one of those movies that has been on Netflix for a while but that I’ve put off watching. It appealed but I wasn’t sure. So, today, I decided that I would watch the movie.

Everything in this film fits, you find yourself frustrated that the police aren’t doing more, irritated by the friend’s husband’s irritation, and pretty certain that you would take the same steps she does – probably. Think John Wick – but low key.

‘They came into my house. They stole my silverware, it was my Grandma’s. I want people not to be ass-holes.’

A very strange film with a very cool soundtrack – click on the image below to get your hands on it. And watch the movie on Netflix.

i don't feel at home in this world anymore

I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – It’s one of those peculiar films that you know you’re going to watch again. It’s different from most other films, it has a huge voice of it’s own, and you can feel the frustration. It is a little cringy in places but that feels deliberate. And it has one of the best goddamned escape scenes in the history of movies!

4 stars 

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