Horses in Horror Movies

I love horses, so some of you may find this post strange

I worked with horses for years, and part of that was teaching them to be ridden, so I know how much work goes into training and caring for them. Horses in horror (or any genre really) get even more specific training, they have to have the right temperament and the ability to do the bizarre things the director requires of them. Everything from galloping through a misty forest with some headless dude on their back to being on fire. Of course not all of them are real horses, or even entire horses.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I toyed with the idea of becoming a movie stunt person – I could do kickboxing and I could ride. Then I had little monsters and all that went the way of most briefly considered career choices. So this week I thought we’d take a look at horses in horror movies – because I love horses and I love horror.

  1. The Cell

horses in horror
via The Horror Digest

A peculiar looking film about a social worker who goes into the mind of a serial killer to learn where he has hidden his latest kidnap victim. She begins to believe what she finds there is real.

2. Horsehead

Returning home for her Grandmother’s funeral Jessica has a nightmare that makes her want to explore her dreams further. Using lucid dreaming she begins to wander the nightmare landscape.

3. The Revenant

horses in horror
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Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily class this as horror there are some gruesome moments. Alone and injured Hugh Glass must survive the cold wilderness if he intends to exact his vengeance on the friend who betrayed him. He sleeps in a horse.

Horses in Movies: Quentin Tarantino on the Horses in Django Unchained

An amazing movie with some great stunts. It’s good to know how well trained, and treated, the horses were.

What horror movies can you think of with horses in them? What other animals have you seen in horror movies that deserve a little recognition for all their hard work and patience, with us silly humans that want them to do strange tasks? Let me know in the comments 🙂