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Movies that are Horrors but also Westerns

Growing up I spent my weekends engrossed in horrors and westerns, both movies and books. And to this day I am still just as obsessed. But it might surprise you to learn that I’ve only just realised the two can exist in the same story – seriously, how did I not know this?

Perhaps it’s because up until recently I wasn’t thinking of them in terms of horrors and westerns, it was because I was thinking of them as movies or books. How easily the lines are blurred when it comes to genres.

So I decided to be specific and look – after all there are still new ones like Hateful Eight

and Bone Tomahawk that I haven’t seen yet. UPDATE: I’ve seen it now, you can find my review here.

But I knew there had to be more, because let’s face it a lot of the old westerns were borderline horror already.  There’s nothing like reading a western that explains how to use a piece of wet leather on someone’s head as a form of torture.

Now I ummed and ahed as to whether or not I should include movies like Dusk till Dawn or Tremors, those that are more modern in nature with cars and not Winchester repeater rifles, but still have that western feel to them. Although if you consider Tremors 4, where the legend began, that’s far more western in nature.

westerns and horror


Grim Prairie Tales (1990)

Now I don’t know how many people watched this when it came out in 1990 but I remember watching it over and over and over again on my Video player. I loved it for its bizarreness, and the story around the camp-fire set up. It would be amazing to have a remake.

Couldn’t find an actual trailer for this one, so here’s a small portion of the movie.

Bloodrayne 2

I seem to remember watching this quite late at night, back when I wasn’t lucky enough to have a gazillion TV channels to flick through. It was strange but watchable, in a strange but watchable late at night ‘cause there’s nothing else on kinda way.

Jonah Hex (2010)

Now personally I didn’t think this was particularly horror. But I did enjoy the movie, so I’m including it.

There are, of course, loads of others if you’re prepared to dig for them, and quite a few fairly recent ones that I have yet to see. But you know me, don’t want to share something I haven’t already vetted and dissected myself.

If you’ve got a good horror western that you’ve seen (or made?) let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out.

Kate xxx

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