Horror Themed Easter

Not as easy as it looks

I began my search by googling Horror Themed Easter Eggs, naturally this brought up the kind that mean ‘it happened in a movie/game and you probably didn’t see’ but I was looking for the chocolate kind.

So I had my work cut out for me –because naturally Easter is about spring things, bunnies, yellow flowers, and eggs. The fertility of nature. And I’m not particularly religious so I wasn’t going to come at this from a rising from the dead angle.

The flowers were proving tricky. Flowers are nice and I like flowers, particularly keen on Daffodils and Tulips, not so keen on Triffids after I watched that series on TV when I was a kid.

My ideas for a horror themed Easter begin with Blood Red Tulips

horror themed easter
Saved by Kayla Lanctot from huaban.com


Although I’m not sure my local florist will stock these.

horror themed easter
Saved by Gills Gift’s Idea’s For All Occasions from flowers-dezdemon

Easter Eggs

Eggs are a little easier, there is a tradition of decorating hard boiled eggs, particularly in UK schools. Sometimes there’s a competition or everyone goes and rolls them down the nearest hill (I’m not entirely sure why).

But I can’t help thinking starting the day with soft boiled eggs and soldiers would be a nice treat.

horror themed easter
Saved by Tanya Dzen from Dark Roasted Blend

Mustn’t forget the Rabbits

Then of course come the rabbits, happy and hopping across the lush spring grass. Anyone else thinking Donnie Darko?

horror themed easter
Saved by Bazz Rice from IMDb Official

But I also found these other rather dark and devilish bunnies…

horror themed easter
Pinned by K via frau-maus.tumblr.com

Finding Chocolate

None of these fit my original premise for this post. I just want a chocolate horror themed Easter egg, is it really too much to ask for? After all we have superhero eggs now – what really, is the difference?

There were a few stories about maggots in Easter eggs, or a colony of ants in a Cadburys cream egg but they weren’t quite what I had in mind for my horror themed Easter (would be fairly gross though).

chocolate bunny

In the end I had to accept that the closest I could get to a horror themed bit of Easter chocolate was a Benedict CumberBunny from http://www.chocolatician.com/

Benedict Cumberbatch (I’m reliably informed by imdb ) played Victor Frankenstein in National Theatre Live: Frankenstein (2011) production (bizarrely also played by another Sherlock actor Jonny Lee Miller, but there’s no Jonny Lee Miller chocolate bunny as far as I know, so no licking his face)

I suppose I could try making my own horror themed Easter egg, but that could be a disaster.

Kate xxx