4 Horror Shorts You Can Watch Now | + The Birch

So there I was, innocently looking at videos on YouTube, when I found these delights. There are some amazing short films around the web, but these are the four horror shorts I found and I loved.

Horror Shorts to watch on your commute

Horror Shorts

The beauty of short horror films is the ability to watch them whilst on the bus, train, or waiting for an appointment. So long as you’re not a screamer! The following shorts vary in length.

The Coffin

Starting you off gently with an animated, rather funny, short horror film meant for kids. I admit it had me giggling.

The Photographer

Some photographs you don’t want to receive when you’re home alone. Written & directed by Kevin Mendiboure and starring Marine Mendiboure & Louis Ballevre.

Lost in the White

An award winning short film by Alessio Cuboni. Starring Mauro Aragoni, Giovanni Cabras, and Sonny the dog. A little slow in places but it’s worth sticking with until the end.

The Black Hole

Whilst technically a Sci-Fi I think this idea has a whole realm of possibilities, and I liked it. What wouldn’t you do if you had a black hole on a sheet of paper that meant you could put your hand through doors and cupboards to get stuff (or through walls to grab people who thought they were safe). Presented by Dust (the YouTube Channel) this short was made by Phil & Olly

Horror shorts are a great way to spend your coffee break

Or those endless hours you can’t be bothered to do what you’re supposed to be doing. Whilst the level of ability and amount of money spent on them greatly varies, it’s good to know there are so many talented people bringing new and scary ideas to the screen.

And if you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend checking out The Birch – Bloody Cuts Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton teamed up with Crypt TV to bring you this horror short back in June of last year. With well over 10 million views (about ten of which are probably me) it’s worth checking out.