Horror BookTok -3 books for my TBR | KT Discovery

Well, hot damn, guys, it’s been a minute. I may have gotten caught up in the land of TikTok, have you visited Horror BookTok yet? There’s so much to see on TikTok, everything from cosplay transitions, to book marketing advice, to really creepy videos. I’m lovin’ the found a hidden room vids, who knew there were so many hidden things in so many properties across the world. Some reveal hidden treasures or blocked off stairways, others creepy ghost kids, and I’m not even close to having watched them all.

Then there’s BookTok, if you’re a reader you can find your fav genres and discover authors and readers sharing their must haves with you. If you’re a writer, you can attempt to navigate it’s depths and find your readers, betas, fans, and all the marketing advice you want. And Horror BookTok has got some recommendations.

3 Horror BookTok recommendations going on my TBR pile:

The Deep by Nick Cutter

Set in a research lab below the sea, the unusual location is the draw for me. There is a plague destroying the world’s population (yup, again), and there’s an unknown substance with an extraordinary power to heal. So, naturally, someone has to go down into the deep ocean to retrieve it and save the world.

Found it on @baker.reads and he recommends a few scary ones on here, but The Deep is the one I’m going check out.

The Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht

Yet another one with a plague element (sorry, it seems to come up a lot at the moment), and set on the edge of the ocean this time. Love the cover and would definitely have picked this up in the bookstore. This story has a monster and a magician and murder – a tale of revenge that @ghostlyreads describes as dark and twisted.

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Actually already on my TBR because I love Joe Hill’s writing but I haven’t read this one yet. @hauntingseason gives an amazing review and reminds us about Joe Hill’s upcoming movie The Black Phone (which I am so excited to see).

Heart Shaped Box is about a guy who buys a dead man’s suit. Jude is a rock and roll legend who collects weird things, but none of his other items make his house cold or the dogs bark the way the suit does (is it weird that this is sort of reminding me of an episode of something, can’t quite put my finger on what, a haunted guitar perhaps? Any ideas?). Anyway check out the review and the book, if you haven’t read it already.