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‘You fellas robbin’ the bank?’

Hell or High Water is the story of a divorced father and his ex-con brother’s desperate attempts to save the family ranch in West Texas. Starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Jeff Bridges. After the brother’s mother dies they rob banks in a wild scheme to pay off the reverse mortgage and taxes on the ranch. Hot on their trail are the Texas Rangers.

This was a great movie from start to finish, you’re dumped right into the action so information is fed to you as the story moves on. Everyone has their own motivations for what they’re doing. It’s gritty, dirty, and smart.

I want to say my favourite scene was…but there were so many good ones. I particularly liked the scene at the gas station where the two guys pull up in the green car and start having a go at Tanner (Ben Foster) who is totally chill. Then out of nowhere, although you are hoping, Toby (Chris Pine) steps in and violently takes the first guy out. Another great scene is the one below, near the end of the movie, where the now retired Texas Ranger (Jeff Bridges) is trying to find answers and closure.

Hell or High Water
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Hell or High Water Review Conclusion

Definitely one to watch again– Loved it. So many stories within this movie and action packed from the first scene. If anyone ever needs someone to play a Burt Reynolds character I reckon Chris Pine could do it easily.

4.5 stars 

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