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Haunter stars Abigail Breslin, Stephen McHattie, Peter Outerbridge, and Michelle Nolden. It’s set in 1985 -mostly- in the family home of teenager Lisa, the day before her sixteenth birthday. She begins to realize she’s stuck in some kind of time-loop and that her birthday will never arrive. Using an Ouija Board and various objects and actions she contacts someone on the other side. But she is warned there will be consequences to her family, by The Pale Man, if she doesn’t stop.

I really enjoyed this film. To begin with you’re not entirely sure what’s going on or why Lisa seems to know what will or will not happen. But as she dutifully repeats her actions little things start coming to light. Little changes that giver her more clues about what’s really going on, until she finally makes contact with someone she initially believes to be a ghost.

Warned by The Pale Man, she yells at the ghosts to leave her alone but is completely incapable of sticking with that decision. Continuously defying The Pale Man until she gets the full story of what’s happened and what is happening. Eventually working out how to save them all and stop the cycle.

The way things were slowly introduced and brought to your attention worked really well. It wasn’t particularly scary but it was twisty and a good watch. Currently available on Amazon Prime to watch as part of your package or to buy on DVD, it would be a good intro horror for someone who doesn’t watch horror usually. (Click on the image below to find it on amazon video.)


Haunter Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again – I really enjoyed Haunter. It wasn’t the scariest of movies, although it had a few moments with jump potential and there was definitely a spooky atmosphere to it. But the way it slowly unfolded the story and what was happening kept me intrigued. I didn’t see this one when it came out so it was a nice find.

4.5 stars 

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