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One of the best movies I’ve watched recently

Starring  Ben AffleckRosamund Pike, Tyler Perry, and Neil Patrick Harris this movie adaptation of the novel had an exciting cast. The screenplay was written by the author of the novel, Gillian Flynn. And I will be checking out her other works just as soon as I’ve finished this post.  Directed by David Fincher -also known for Seven, and Fight Club- you just know Gone Girl is going to be a good movie before you even hit play. 

It’s starts out with the disappearance of Amy (Rosamund Pike), and the apparent crime scene in her and her husband, Nick’s (Ben Affleck), home. It isn’t long before the finger is pointed firmly at him – at least by the press and most of the investigators. You’re not sure whether to feel sorry for him or believe he actually did it. But then things start getting twisty. And you know you’re sticking with the film to the end!

A Really Good Thriller *spoilers ahead*

The details come in slow, like the clues. At first you think it’s just this horrible crime they’re going to solve. Then there’s the previous boyfriend, and the one before that. And her parents seem really weird, like ‘we raised a prodigy’ weird. And then when the diary turns up…

Amy is a twisty, shifty, got it all plotted out *whispers* writer. Who, apparently, is also a sociopath. I mean, I thought Neil Patrick Harris was playing the bad guy! And weird as his character was it’s clearly something to do with their history and not at all how he expected it to go.  And that bedroom scene!?!

Gone Girl
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Gone Girl Review Conclusion

I would definitely watch it again – Gone Girl was not what I was expecting but it was certainly more than I thought it would be. Loved this movie. The way the story slowly twisted around itself without losing any momentum. What you thought was not at all what you thought. If I have any complaint it’s that it seemed to go on for a long time – but despite that Gone Girl still kept me engrossed.

4.5 stars 

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