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I love a good short, Glam promises plenty of violence all packed in tight but it also has a creepy vibe heightened by the clever score. As nerve-wracking as walking back to your car in the dark, alone, can be, most of us make it home safe. But that doesn’t mean the hairs rising in warning on the back of your neck were just your overactive imagination. Remember, park in a well-lit location as near to your destination as possible or the Glam Man might get you!



When two friends, Sophie and Layne, head home after enjoying their boyfriend free night out they find themselves at the mercy of a madman obsessed with perfection.

Introducing Jacey Sturgeon, Megan Dean, Christopher Price, Even Hensley, and starring Travis Robinson (Twelve Pole), and Johnny Herman (Twelve Pole). Written and directed by Sam Hodge

Watch the trailer and keep up with Glam news by following them on Twitter. They’ll let you know when and were this gory short can be seen. And I’ll do my best to add updates to this page too. Not to be missed.

Glam Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again (I already did) – with a score reminiscent of your favourite 80’s flicks this short has you on the edge from the get-go. A suspenseful and creepy little number with some particularly gross scenes involving, well, I’ll let you watch and see but there’s a little hint in the trailer below -really well done. And I loved the maniac’s moment of subtle enjoyment -just perfect. Keep an eye out for this one, you’ll be seeing it at film festivals soon

4 Stars

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It’s worth checking out the twitter page for all the behind the scenes, making of, posts. The hard work and fun that have gone into producing this short are clear in the photos. 

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