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October Roundup

The new season of Stranger Things lands TODAY! on Netflix (I’m a bit excited), Mindhunter is an amazing show, and, despite some people’s concerns about the levels of torture in Gunpowder, I enjoyed it. Although, I have to say, the repeated remakes of the Gunpowder Treason and Plot story are getting a little old. We know the story, we know how it ends, and it’s always a let down – just once I’d like them to win, see what might have happened. You spend the whole show rooting for the “villains” and the ending feels as damp as the gunpowder was.

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Anyway, we’re almost at Halloween now, discussions are happening about what everyone will be wearing – and there’s been a tiny bit of debate as to whether or not Halloween is even for adults (It is)- and wickedly good food stuffs are appearing in the supermarket. How will you be celebrating? Personally, I’ll be curled up on the sofa trying to watch a scary movie, and being interrupted by hoards of little demons wanting sacrificial candy.

TV Land: Stranger Things, The Gifted, Mindhunter

There’s been quite a bit on TV this month. I put it down to it being Halloween month and not the nights getting darker and clocks changing (This Saturday night by the way -28th) so we spend more time on our asses in front of the TV (not at all accurate).

  • Marvel’s Inhumans – Sky 1, 25th Oct
  • Lucifer Season 3 – Amazon Prime, 3rd Oct
  • The Gifted – Fox, 8th Oct
  • Once Upon a Time Season 7 – Netflix, 10th Oct
  • The Exorcist Season 2 – Fox, 11th Oct
  • Riverdale Season 2 – Netflix, 12th Oct
  • Red Dwarf Season 12 – Dave, 12th Oct
  • Mindhunter – Netflix, 13th Oct
  • Lore – Amazon Prime, 13th Oct
  • The Walking Dead Season 8 – Fox, 23rd Oct
  • Stranger Things Season 2 – Netflix, 27th Oct
  • Gunpowder – BBC1, 21st Oct
  • Snatch – AMC Global, 31st Oct


Two FBI Agents begin to interview known serial killers and murderers to find out what can be learnt about their habits. In the process their project grows, more people, more rules, more problems. But they also learn that using the information they have gathered they can begin to apply it to cases in real time. They begin to help law enforcement find murderers. Read my Review here.

The Gifted

Loving this new series so far, and it’s nice to have a TV series that’s connected to the X-Men. When you discover that your kids are mutants with powers, in a time and place where they are distrusted and feared, you go to any lengths to keep them safe. This family are on the run and split up, but with the help of an institute of mutants, who just want everyone to live together peacefully, they will find each other again. Check it out on Fox: 9pm Sunday.

Movie Land:

  • Blade Runner 2049 – Oct 5th
  • The Mountain Between Us – Oct 6th
  • Hellraiser: 30th Anniversary – Oct 13th
  • The Ritual – Oct 13th
  • The Snowman – Oct 13th
  • Geostorm – Oct 20th
  • Happy Death Day – Oct 20th
  • Thor: Ragnarok – Oct 24th
  • Jigsaw – Oct 26th

Upcoming for November:

Fewer interesting shows for November but we’ve got to have a little break before the December stuff starts, right? And some of our October series will take us well into November, if not all the way.  

Doesn’t seem like a lot of movies this month either, perhaps I’m missing some – do let me know if you know of others, in particular horrors, that are released in the UK in November.

Movies for November:

  • A Bad Moms Christmas – Nov 1st
  • Murder on the Orient Express – Nov 3rd
  • Justice League – Nov 17th
  • Spider-Man 2: Another World – Nov 20th

Also in the UK on TV for November:

  • The Punisher – Netflix, 17th Nov
  • The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 2 – ITV Encore 1st  Nov
  • Teen Wolf Season 6a – Netflix 1st Nov
  • Sick Note – Sky 1 7th Nov
  • Frontier Season 2 – Netflix 24th
  • Vikings Season 5 – Amazon Prime 30th Nov

A little news

Like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, & Star Trek: Discovery, Stranger Things Season 2 is getting it’s own after show. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really watch the after shows although I might make an exception for this one.

Plenty of fun and family friendly things going on for Halloween in the UK. And some not so family friendly things you might want to leave the kids with a sitter for – maybe someone you know well, a relative or something, come on we’ve all seen The Babysitter now, right?

  • A Spooky Afternoon Tea worthy of the Adams Family at the Royal Lancaster in London
  • Meet the Witch of Wookey and learn to fly a broomstick at the Wookey Hole in Wells
  • Or you could see if you can make it through the Yorkshire Scare Grounds – I’ve heard they’ve had a lot of pants wetters already this year. Have you got what it takes?
Stranger Things
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