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Not everyone is welcome but no one can leave

When I sat down to watch Ghost Wars I couldn’t help thinking there were going to be some similarities to Midnight, Texas. The whole psychic saving the town thing. But ghosts wars has people, ghosts, and a psychic. No assassins, vampires, or witches in sight – not so far anyway. And Midnight, Texas was more about a demon than ghosts.

With only one guy who can do anything but more and more people experiencing ghosts it slowly gets stranger and stranger. As the ghosts start messing with people’s minds more and more people want to leave. But no one can.

Ghost Wars

Set in a remote Alaskan town overrun by paranormal forces, Roman Mercer has to overcome his personal demons and harness his latent psychic powers to save the town from the angry ghosts infesting the town.

Starring Series starring Vincent D’Onofrio (Daredevil, Rings), Kim Coates (Godless, Sons of Anarchy), Luvia Petersen (Continuum, Falling Skies),  Meat Loaf (Fight Club, The Rocky Horror Picture Show), and Avan Jogia (Twisted, Victorious).

Ghost Wars
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Ghost Wars Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again – Whilst it feels a little scripted in places and it doesn’t quite feel fully formed in the first episode, it is an interesting story. And the more you watch the better it gets.

3.5 stars 

Other News: For those desperate to see Demon House with Zac Bagans he has tweeted that he is working on making it available to us in the UK. It was released on Friday 16th in the U.S. and whilst there are a few workarounds if you know how -switching the iPlayer store to the U.S. site for example- there may be a bit of a wait before it’s available in the UK.

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