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Watched it in 3D – at the Cinema

Ghost in the Shell is about a cyber enhanced human that’s pretty much all cyber. Major is a weapon designed to stop the worlds most dangerous criminals. Told she was saved from certain death she discovers this was a planted memory and the truth is very different. The more she learns, the more uncertain her future becomes. But she has allies who consider her more than just a weapon. Starring Scarlett Johansson, Takeshi Kitano, and Pilou Asbæk (amongst others).

Whilst not a horror Ghost in the Shell is in the action and crime genres. There are some definite missing limbs, and computery attachments. And I got to go to the cinema to see it so i’m reviewing it.

Family Outing

With a family that regularly watches Japanese Anime movies I wasn’t surprised to find so many of us going to the cinema to see Ghost in the Shell. Excitement led to us watching it in 3D and I ignored the various reviews I’d seen circling the internet. And despite having watched a few Japanese Anime this was not one I had seen.

And I enjoyed it. Yes, it’s definitely worth seeing in 3D. Yes, it’s pretty much (I am reliably informed by my eldest) the story from the anime of the same name. And no, you can’t touch the fish.

My favourite character from Ghost in the Shell was actually Aramaki (he had the coolest gun) played by Takeshi Kitano. To begin with I wasn’t certain what his role was, or where he stood, but the further in the more it became clear. We all enjoyed it, even my mother who got shrapnel in her eye (she does like her 3D movies).  But don’t go in expecting an action packed avengers style movie – it’s not that. There is action but it’s interspersed with more contemplative moments. And maybe don’t watch the anime first (if you haven’t seen it already). Otherwise, there was a few moments where I started wondering if there was a 3D version of the Matrix – apparently the two new movies being planned could well be in 3D (read more here).

Ghost in the Shell
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Ghost in the Shell Review Conclusion

Yes, I’ll definitely watch this again – I will be watching Ghost in the Shell again. But probably not in 3D, because my TV isn’t that new. I liked it, I did keep getting distracted by strange things in 3D on the edge of the screen but it was part of the fun. And I loved the underwater scene.

4 stars 

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