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June Roundup

I have to say I haven’t been watching much TV lately, and having a hard time finding things I find entertaining enough to keep watching. It might just be me but without The Handmaid’s Tale, Ghost Adventures, and Agents of Shield I wouldn’t even turn my TV box on. There have been a few things on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and NowTV keeping me entertained though.

Preacher Season 2
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TV Land: Ghost Adventures, Shadowhunters, & Preacher

Despite it being summer there’s still plenty to watch on TV when it gets too hot or when, like today, it decides rain is the better option. If you like your supernatural reality shows there’s a new season of Ghost Adventures on Really TV but if you like shows that mess with your head try The Night of: Seeing.

  • Riviera – 15th June Sky Atlantic (really enjoyed this)
  • Ripper Street Season 5 – 19th June BBC 2
  • Cardinal – 3rd June BBC4
  • Shots FIred – 4th June Fox
  • Fear the Walking Dead – Season 3 – 5th June AMC Global
  • Shadow Hunters – Season 2b – 6th June Netflix
  • The Ranch – Season 3 – 16th June Netflix
  • Preacher – Season 2 – 26th June Amazon Prime (already loving this)
  • Gypsy – 30th June Netflix

Ghost Adventures Season 13 – 16th June Really

ghost adventures
You can watch the latest episode on UKTV Play

I love Ghost Adventures, all the tech they use, and the places they visit. This began a couple of weeks ago – so if you need to catch up it’s available on UKTV Play. Tonight’s Ghost Adventures episode (30th June) is at Palace Saloon in Arizona.

The Night of: Seeing – Sky Atlantic

Having watched the first episode before writing this post I felt it needed adding to the list of things you should definitely watch. If there are spelling errors and sentences that run on it’s because I want to get back to this show. Seriously, it’s so strange. Intriguing. Compelling. Dark. And yes I am aware that watching the first episode and then suggesting you go watch it is a little early in the show to be completely certain of it’s ability to keep me entertained.

But…you know so much and so little with this story. You know things the police don’t know, the main character doesn’t know, the lawyer foolishly didn’t want to know before taking on the case. You’re watching it shaking your head, going ‘no, you’ve got it wrong, you don’t understand’ which is swiftly echoed by the main character.

But…and I don’t repeat my but lightly…there are also things you don’t know that you need to find out. Things that mean you have to keep watching. Things that you hope don’t get forgotten about. Things that you’re sure mean something more than they’re telling you.

Movie Land: The Mummy, Despicable Me 3

  • The Mummy – 9th June
  • Despicable Me 3 – 30th June

Despicable Me 3
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Upcoming for July:

Not so many horror movies coming out this month it would seem. Not for us at least. A number of upcoming horror, thriller, and Sci-fi movies are set for limited release this month, which generally means they’re being released in the U.S. first and we’ll get them in a few months. Eugh.

Movies for June:

  • Spider-man: Homecoming – 5th July
  • It Comes at Night – 7th July
  • Fox Trap – 10th July
  • War for the Planet of the Apes – 11th July
  • The Beguiled (Western) – 14th July
  • 47 Meters Down – 28th July

Also in the UK on TV:

  • Zoo Season 3 – 7th July Sky One
  • How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 – 13th July Sky Living
  • Game of Thrones Season 7 – 17th July Sky Atlantic
  • Shooter Season 2 – 19th July Netflix
  • Midnight Texas Season 1 – 27th July SyFy UK

Have to say, Midnight Texas looks intriguing.

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