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One of the King books I haven’t read

Based on the novel by Stephen King, Gerald’s Game is the story of a couple trying to spice up their marriage with a little kinky time. Unfortunately, he doesn’t make it that far and she is left tied to the bed and desperate to escape before time takes her too.

Starring  Carla Gugino (The Watchmen, Wayward Pines)Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek, Kingsman: The Golden Circle)Henry Thomas (Ouija: Origins of Evil, Gangs of New York), and Carel Struycken (The Adams Family, Men in Black). 

Damn those reinforced beds! **spoilers ahead**

Having never read the book I wasn’t expecting anything more than the trailer led me to expect. I thought the situation was well set up, all possible escape routes obliterated before they even got anywhere near kinky time. Handcuffs? They’re the proper ones. Neighbours? Not here for at least another week. Cleaner and gardener? They’ve got the weekend off. Stamina? Taken care of.

And then all the twists and turns dictated by her own mind. I really got to the point where when she did escape I wasn’t convinced she had. I was still waiting for her to wake up back in the bed right at the end, which is what left me feeling confused. It’s probably the reason for the weird dreams I had that night too. It was the laundry waiting to be put away when I went to bed, and it was the laundry waiting to be put away when I got up the following morning. But what it was at 2 in the morning is anyone’s guess.

Gerald's Game

Gerald’s Game Review Conclusion

I might watch it again – Whilst Gerald’s Game was a good movie, kept me engrossed and curious, I’m not sure it’s on my list of movies I will definitely watch again. Well shot, very strange, and just a little bit twisted, it still left me a little confused at the end.

4 stars 

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