Gehenna: Where Death Lives | KT Horror Movie Review

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Gehenna takes you into some dark places, but it begins with some really pretty ones. The location is amazing, and for a little while, I forgot I was watching a horror movie. But it swiftly reminded me and took away the pretty scenery. Plunging me into underground tunnels and confusion.


When planning a new resort you want somewhere perfect, somewhere idyllic, somewhere your guests can relax. So make sure to check the place out thoroughly, because local history can lead you into dark places. Entering the dark places can result in your deepest darkest secrets being revealed, and they don’t make it easy to find your way out again.

Starring  Doug Jones (The Shape of Water, Star Trek: Discovery)Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Blacklist)Patrick Gorman (Teen Wolf, Sleepy Hollow),  Simon Phillips (Age of the Living Dead, White Collar Hooligan 3), Sean Sprawling (Age of the Living Dead, Killing the Cure), Daniel Joo (Art of Deception, Brad Lee), and Eva Swan (The Beast, Alien Inhabitant).


Gehenna Review Conclusion

I might watch it again – Somehow they just keep going deeper. Even when there seems like there’s nowhere left to run. It took me a while to get the synchronicities, so keep your eyes open.

3.5 stars 

When to watch it: Monday afternoon when you’re off “sick”.

What to watch it with: All the snacks.

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