Kate Reviews: Gallowwalkers

Gallowwalkers is a bit of a snooze

Released in 2012 Gallowwalkers stars Wesley Snipes and Riley Smith. This movie is about a gunman whose mother’s sacrifice brings him back from the dead, and all who die by his gun come back as zombies? Demons? – why did that one guy have a lizard skin head with long pointy, flaccid, ponytail like appendages?

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This movie felt a little underwhelming. Too many set up slow scenes trying hard to be like the westerns of old but not quite committing.  Strong possibility that some of them were related to the Targaryens and meant to be creepy but again not quite getting there. Ludicrous amount of posing – as if it was desperately trying to be a graphic novel like Jonah Hex or something. Still there were some good bits and a number of clever one liners. I just felt like a lot of the essential elements of the story/plot weren’t explained, so you never quite knew what was going on. And I’m real sorry, but I never once believed he cared about that woman he was supposedly doing it all for. Got to the last twenty minutes and felt like I’d sort of got the gist of what was going on – and then realised I was still lost.

Gallowwalkers Review Conclusion

Not gonna watch it again! Not even on a rainy Sunday. I’m gonna give it 3 stars, but mostly because the horses did a really good job, the location was pretty decent, and there were some good one liners. Plus around the hour mark it started to get exciting – horseback gun fight in the churned up dust (although the music got weird – a little bit Batman TV series). 

3 Stars 

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