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What have you dreamt lately?

Now anyone who knows me, or follows me on social media, knows that I have incredibly vivid dreams. Falling Water appealed because sometimes my dreams are very weird – always in full HD with surround sound. And on occasion, recently, dream me has been able to change my entire dream by saying ‘Well, this is boring’ (or something to that effect).

Falling Water stars David Ajala (from The Dark Knight & fast & Furious 6), Lizzie Brocheré (from American Horror Story & The Strain), and Will Yun Lee (from True Blood & Hawaii Five-O) as the main dreamers. They each have their own stories that intertwine without them knowing but the more they begin to understand their dreamscapes the more they realise they are connected.  

Whilst I’ve skipped over this show a few times I’m glad I gave it a chance this weekend. It was so good. The idea that somebody could want to own and control your dreams seems far fetched. But if they could devise a way to control your dreams just think how far they could go. Everything from having you use a particular brand of deodorant (advertising) to offering special packages you could tailor to your desires and dream about whatever, or whoever, you want.


Falling Water
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Falling Water Review Conclusion

Looking forward to season 2: Whilst the initial premise didn’t intrigue me enough to watch the first time I was flicking through the shows, I’m glad that I eventually did. Thoroughly enjoyed it with all it’s twists and turns and interlinking stories. I’m gonna go work on my ability to get into other peoples dreams now…

4 stars 

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