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So Strange and Enticing

I’ve been meaning to watch Electric Dreams for a while now. But it wasn’t until yesterday (Mother’s Day) that I sat down and began to get into it. And wow, it really pulls you in. Each episode has its own story -independent of the rest, so you could start anywhere you wanted. And each story stars recognisable faces that you may not realise you know. If you haven’t been watching this series you can catch up on All 4.

Electric Dreams

Based on the short stories by Philip K. Dick, Electric Dreams is a Sci-Fi anthology series with stand-alone episodes. From a world without advanced technology to one that is so far in the future the earth doesn’t exist anymore, these tales take you on a weird ride. Telepaths, aliens, mist hidden towns with no train station, visitor attractions that show you the galaxies, synthetics, murders, and anxiety.

Ten Unique Tales

Below you will find the ten titles and a few faces to keep an eye out for in each episode. Some you’ll recognise straight away, others might take a little thinking about.

  • The Hood Maker starring Richard Madden, Noma Dumezweni,  and Holliday Grainger
  • Impossible Planet starring  Geraldine ChaplinBenedict WongJack Reynor
  • The Commuter starring   Timothy SpallAnthony Boyle, and Rudi Dharmalingam
  • Crazy Diamond starring Steve BuscemiSidse Babett Knudsen, and Julia Davis
  • Real Life starring Karin AnglinAnton Bassey, and Anna Paquin
  • Human Is starring Bryan CranstonEssie Davis, and Liam Cunningham
  • Kill all Others starring Mel RodriguezSarah Baker, and Jason Mitchell
  • Autofac starring Juno TempleJanelle Monáe, and David Lyons
  • Safe and Sound starring Annalise BassoMaura Tierney, and Connor Paolo
  • The Father Thing starring Greg KinnearJack Gore, and Shannon Brown
Electric Dreams
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Electric Dreams Review Conclusion

Keep ’em coming! – When Channel 4 lost out to Netflix with Black Mirror they didn’t want to make the same mistake with this series. Commisioning more episodes than they had done with Black Mirror. And it’s paid off. And if you like Black Mirror, the chances are good that you’ll also like this strange collection of stand-alone stories. I will happily watch another series, in fact, I demand one!

5 stars 

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