Whispers on the Hill

Whispers on the Hill

Six couples, one counsellor, three residents, two weeks. One couples retreat.

Whispers on the Hill is set in a renovated hotel. Built by the De Vita Decarara family as their main residence. With a rich history of violence it’s not the ghosts you have to be afraid of.

Vilencia de Vita Decarara is the new proprietor and does wondrous things with food that’ll have you begging for more. That is until you realise just exactly what her rule about self sufficiency really means.

Vilencia and her groundsman Cru run the hotel with the aide of the girl. An young woman who is rarely seen or heard from but who uses the hotel’s secret passageways to complete her jobs and spy on guests.

By the end of your stay all of your problems will be over.

This dark horror was the first novel by K.T. McQueen.

A delectable novel about gruesome murder, relationships, sex and secrets.

Vilencia had suffered an unusual upbringing, her father taken away and Vilencia left to care for her distraught mother. Long after the death of both parents, Vilencia returns to her childhood home; the manor house, Whispers, which she sets about opening as a hotel. Her love of cooking and the reputation of ghosts in the house brings guests from far and wide to stay in the remote location.

A couples councillor books the entire hotel as a retreat and in ones and twos the guests arrive. At first, all seems normal, the food is amazing, the location remote but ideal for their needs; Then one by one people start to go missing.

They will find that the reconciliation of their relationships is of secondary importance.

Unfortunately, due to an issue the publisher is experiencing with Amazon, this title is currently unavailable. Why not read Moon instead? There are werewolves in it.

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