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What did you think of Dracula starring Claes Bang on the BBC, did you watch it? There’s been a lot of social media activity and opinions on this three-part series by Mark Gatiss and Stefen Moffat and they are very varied. Personally, it wasn’t what I expected but in some aspects delivered more than I hoped for.

**There may be spoilers ahead**

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Beginning in 1897 Transylvania and completing in modern-day Britain, following the Count as he plots a new life in a new world with a persistent need to have his three brides. A large part of this telling focuses on Dracula’s own fears and forces him to look at himself in ways he hasn’t previously.

Starring Claes Bang (The Affair, The Girl in the Spider’s Web), Dolly Wells (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Doll & Em -I knew I recognised her from somewhere!), Morfydd Clark (His Dark Materials, The Personal History of David Copperfield), Jonathan Aris (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Sherlock), John Heffernan (Dickensian, Collateral), and Lydia West (Years and years).

Dracula Starring Claus Bang Review

Dracula Starring Claes Bang Review Conclusion

I might watch another series – I was excited about this series and nervous. I’ve loved other shows by Mark and Steven, particularly Sherlock, but Dracula is a favourite and I have a level of expectation for anyone who takes it on. And yet I came at it with an open mind, interested to see what they had created.

With parts that I loved, the setup, the visuals, the characters. And parts I just didn’t quite feel compelled by, the zombie-like living dead, the limited characters, the thing about the sun. The way I felt about the series was a balanced ooh what’s happening with why on earth have they done that? There were definitely places I just felt confused and I almost didn’t even bother putting on episode three after that jump to the future but I’m glad I did. There were even places where I felt it wasn’t even bothering to follow it’s own rules, never mind the rules of Dracula. But having said all that it was an enjoyable watch for the most part. The visuals were great, the characters were big and bold and engaging, and the story was entirely it’s own.

3.5/4 Stars

You can eat whatever you like during this, there’s nothing particularly offputting but do try not to drool your food as Dracula does, it’s kinda wasteful.

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