Dracula Miyazaki – He drank blood from her hand

Murderer, Cannibal, Necrophile

Tsutomu Miyazaki was a Japanese Serial Killer who preserved parts of his kills as trophies. Even sending postcards to the families of his victims describing their final moments.

Tsutomu was born premature and with a birth defect. His wrist joints were permanently fused, making the rotation of his hands impossible without moving his forearm. This made life difficult for him at school and he kept himself to himself, being one of the top students during his high school years. But then his grades dropped and instead of becoming a teacher as he had wanted, he attended a local college and studied to be a photograph technician.

The Trigger Point

Feeling he would not be heard if he told his family how he felt he considered suicide. Sharing a room with his older sister and being rejected by his two younger sisters he felt only his grandfather offered him any support. But in 1988 his grandfather died.

Miyazaki’s first attacks were aggressive but did not end in murder. Coming across his sister taking a shower he stopped to watch, but upon discovery, she told him to leave. So he attacked her. And when their mother found out and reprimanded him, he attacked her too.

I felt all alone… Whenever I saw a little girl playing on her own, it was almost like seeing myself. – Miyazaki

The Little Girl Murders

In just 11 months Miyazaki kidnapped, mutilated, and killed four young girls. Performing sexual acts on their corpses.

  • Mari Konno: 4 yrs old, vanished whilst playing at a friends house on August 22nd. Miyazaki convinced her to enter his car and drove to a secluded area. Where he killed and sexually abused her corpse. Leaving the corpse in the hills near his home to decompose. Later he returned to remove the hands and feet, which he took home. He burned the corpse, ground it up, and sent it to her family with a photograph of her clothes, teeth, and a postcard.
  • Masami Yoshizawa: 7 yrs old, abducted whilst walking along a road on October 3rd. He offered her a ride and he took her to the same place he had killed Konno. Killed and sexually abused her corpse, taking her clothes when he left.
  • Erika Namba: 4 yrs old, abducted on December 12th whilst walking home from a friends house. In a car park, he forced her to remove her clothes and took pictures of her. Then he killed her and tied her hands and feet behind her, covering her with a bedsheet. Disposing of her clothes in a wooded area and leaving her body in a car park. Again he sent a postcard to the family using words cut from a magazine.
  • Ayako Nomoto: 5 yrs old, on June 6th Miyazaki convinced Nomoto to allow him to take pictures of her before taking her to his car. He killed her then covered her with a sheet. He took the corpse to his apartment where he spent two days sexually abusing it. Taking pictures and filming it. Then, dismembering the body, he left the torso in a cemetery and the head in the hills. He kept the hands and drank her blood and ate part of the flesh. He recovered the corpse and the head two weeks later and brought them back to his apartment.

vampire, Miyazaki


Little over a month later Miyazaki was discovered molesting a young girl in a park. The girl’s father called the police as Miyazaki fled. Leaving his car behind. The police caught him when he returned to collect it.

The police then proceeded to search Miyazaki’s bungalow and discovered the remains of his victims. Self-made videos and pictures of his victims were found amongst his movie collection.

Tsutomu Miyazaki’s Trial

Miyazaki appeared unconcerned by his arrest and trial. Claiming an alter ego named Rat Man had forced him to commit the crimes. But the court found him to be aware of his crimes. And held him accountable.

The trial began on March 30th, 1990, he was sentenced to death on April 4th, 1997. And hung on June 17th, 2008.

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