Dracula Cast in a BBC & Netflix co-produced Drama

The Dracula mini-series is a new jointly produced drama written and created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’, set to start filming next year. The series will premier on BBC One in the UK and elsewhere on Netflix (so no one has to miss out -woohoo!), although we don’t as yet have a date for that. I will update you with details as soon as I know them.

To the casting! Claes Bang, a Danish actor who you might know from The Square or The Girl in the Spider’s Web, but who, I admit, I just had to look up on IMDb. And seeing that profile pic I can definitely see why they picked him. Seriously, yum! 

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss will be familiar names for the Sherlock fans. Mark has recently started sharing his very beautiful art on Twitter and Instagram and I am patiently waiting to see his take on Dracula, which I’m sure will happen (pretty please, Mr Gatiss?). 

I tried to get a reaction photo from Dracula but you know what he’s like

The Accent

So, I was curious about the accent. He’s Danish, Dracula’s Romanian. So I did a little search and found this nice video so I could hear him speak (and also now I want to watch the Square, which I’ve never seen). See what you think…

Dracula mini-series Updates

I will update this post and/or make a new one when I have more news on the Dracula mini-series. And keep an eye on the monthly Roundups (I suspect it will be autumn next year) for details of when it will be on our screens. So excited! 

What say you?

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