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With the release of Sheriff of the Eternal Law – book two in the Deanna series I thought it was time I shared my definition of Demons as I use them in the books.

Everyone thinks of Demons in a different way and many have brought them to life in books, films and on television. Each time the demons can appear in different ways depending on the creators interpretation, so here I give you mine.

Demons in the Deanna Series

In the Deanna series the demons are beings who originated from below the surface of the earth, they are the origins of vampires and many other creatures who live in the myth and legends  of the world.
However, the angels who rebelled with Grandfather are also referred to as demons but this is to show their allegiance with Grandfather and they look just like any other Angel might.

The demons from below the earth’s crust are creatures that, for the most part, chose to remain under the surface and not walk in the light of the sun. Where the demons who became vampires are concerned they chose to hunt on the surface of the earth during the night.
At first they ate animals, and they themselves appeared as animals, but as humans came into being they began to feed on them also and took on their form as they too evolved.
The demons found that aligning with Grandfather was beneficial to them and the majority of them settled under his rule. Others thought that it wasn’t to their advantage and chose a different route. Grandfather gave them a choice and did not question the choice they made, he does however insist that they live within the Eternal Laws. It is now Deanna’s role to make sure all beings, whether demon, angel, human or other being from one of the other worlds, keeps to the Eternal Laws.

The demons in my stories are evolving and hugely varied, many we haven’t met yet and will turn up in coming books, whilst others might not even make it into any of the stories in any big way. There are, as always, some who we will get to know better and perhaps we won’t be too afraid of them in the dark of night.

Kate xxx

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