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August Roundup & What Happened to July!?!

During July there was a terrible, terrible incident where a months worth of posts vanished. The site was down, not even The Defenders could help me, and it took more time than expected to put right ūüôĀ

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But it was put right and some of those posts have been replicated – or rewritten. Except, for some reason, I completely forgot about the July roundup.

So July, the new season of Preacher is ongoing, Ghost Adventures (season 13) has been a little mental, and To The Bone wasn’t as bad as everyone was making out (not a horror though). Midnight, Texas is frikkin’ awesome, and oh my god did you hear the noise Drogon made before breathing fire all over Jamie’s army!?! (go to 1.35 if you just wanna hear the noise ūüėČ ) Gave me the chills!

TV Land in August: The Defenders, Blood Drive, The Mist

There hasn’t been as much to watch this month, perhaps this has been the expected summer ease up, but what there has been has been good. With Midnight, Texas and Preacher on going I’ve had a few things to keep me ticking over until the Autumn programs kick in. It’s not all I do though, you know -watch TV- I do other things as well. I had a day out. I’ve written stuff. I’ve gardened, and baked. Looked at the Halloween stuff starting to show up. Contemplated painting the bathroom. Day dreamed. Fulfilled my roll as cat servant. Tried a new coffee.

  • The Orignals¬†Season 4 – Netflix
  • The Defenders – Netflix
  • Blood Drive – SyFy UK ¬†10th
  • The Mist¬†– Netflix 25th
  • Lucifer¬†(TV Broadcast) – Fox 31st

The Defenders – Full first season on Netflix

I re-watched Iron Fist and Daredevil before I watched The Defenders, and wished I’d re-watched Jessica Jones and Luke Cage too. Loved the way the four of them coming together worked, rather than just the hey let’s be work buddies there was a tension and a distinct lack of desire to team up. The Defenders not only brought the heroes together but the bad guys too. And several faces we’d gotten used to in the separate shows made appearances too. ¬†I enjoyed it, although I felt like I kept missing bits of information (which I put down to not re-watching all the separate shows first), and I feel it has the potential for another season. Although they may be down a member…

Blood Drive

Like Midnight, Texas, Blood Drive is on SyFy -a channel I don’t currently have as a result of dropping my main TV package in favour of NowTV, Prime, & Netflix. So I either have to buy it or wait for SyFy to become part of NowTV <- that’s still happening right?

Either way I’ve seen loads of people on Social Media talking about how good this show is already. So I had to include it. And ask…what do you think? Are you watching it?

Movie Land:

  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets release date August 2

  • Annabelle: Creation release date August 11

  • The Dark Tower¬†release date August 18

Upcoming for September:

A number of interesting looking movies coming out next month. What will you be going to see?

Movies for September:


  • Eat Locals¬†– September 1
  • The Limehouse Golem¬†– September 1
  • IT¬†– September 8
  • The Vault¬†– September 8
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind ‚Äď (4K Restoration) ¬†September 15
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle¬†– September 20
  • Flatliners¬†– September 29

Also in the UK on TV for September:

  • Gotham Season 3 – Netflix (final -frikkin-ly) 1st
  • Tin Star -Sky Atlantic 7th
  • American Horror Story: Cult season 7 – Fox 8th
  • Fear the Walking Dead¬†season 3b – AMC Global 11th
  • Star Trek: Discovery – Netflix 25th

And one or two pieces of news

If you haven’t seen it yet, Eli Roth directed his first commercial for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and it’s awesome (check it out below). There is a funding in progress to get George A. Romero a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – check it out here if you want to get involved. Despite The Bad Batch having been released in American ages ago, and no sign of it coming to cinemas in the UK, Netflix will be showing it (Netflix Original) from the 22nd of September – so woohoo we finally get to see it.


What say you?

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