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I’m always a little nervous when it comes to Eli Roth movies. I want to watch them but worry I’m not going to enjoy them. Those worries are never justified. From the director of Knock Knock (kinda creepy) and Green Inferno (such dark humour), Death Wish is brilliant! Eli Roth’s movies just keep getting better and better. Not forgetting that Bruce Willis is pretty darn good at these kinds of films.

It’s a looooooong time since I last saw the Charles Bronson Death Wish but I wasn’t watching this one to compare it to the other one. So, there are no comparisons, I simply watched it to enjoy it for what it is. And I did enjoy it. 

Death Wish

When a Doctor’s house is invaded that leaves his wife dead and his daughter in hospital. Having spent his working life saving lives he goes on a revenge rampage to get justice for his family whilst the cops try to find the perpetrators of the break-in and work out who this strange vigilante is roaming the streets with a gun he doesn’t know how to use. 

Starring Bruce Willis (Pulp Fiction, Die Hard), Vincent D’Onofrio (Men in Black, Jurassic World), Elisabeth Shue (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Hollow Man), Camila Morrone (Never Goin’ Back, Bukowski), and Dean Norris (Breaking Bad, Under the Dome).

Death Wish

Death Wish Review Conclusion

I will watch it again – Death Wish was a really enjoyable movie. Ah, what the hell, it’s one of those movies that I have no idea what to say about it beyond that I really enjoyed it. I thought it was fun, it had a little dark humour in places, and a few interestingly gory kills. A little ‘safe’ by Eli Roth standards? – Perhaps. But it’s a good watch and I’ll definitely be watching it again.

4.5 Stars

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Moon by K.T. McQueen

Moon, Noctisbellum Inc., horror books

A young woman with a promise to keep.
Another with a curse to lift.
And a werewolf looking for a new mate.
When Alice invited her friends, Sarah, Paul, and Dave to stay in her Grandmother’s Romanian farmstead they were expecting to take a break from studying and have a good time. Of course, that wasn’t the only reason Alice was there but her friends didn’t need to be involved in that. And she could happily show them where her family was from. And the town where she had spent her summers without them ever suspecting anything.
But then they meet the hunter, the werewolves catch their scent, and Sarah reveals a secret that could end her friendship with Alice and spell disaster for all of them.

What say you?

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