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Neon Doused Indie Noir-Thriller

Death Waits for No Man stars Angelique Pretorius (Black Sails, Strike Back)Bradley Snedeker (Westworld, Code Black)Corey Rieger (The Last Witch Hunter, Banshee), and is written and directed by Armin Siljkovic. 

A Neon art collector seduces a lone drifter into killing her abusive husband – IMDb 

When Lilly finds a man who seems perfect for her plan she decides to offer help. It isn’t until they’re at her place that he finds out the help isn’t free and she wants something from him. He agrees reluctantly, and when her husband comes home they begin to put their plan into action.

Creepy from the start **Spoilers Ahead**

It’s got a freaky vibe. And then it keeps getting weirder. Some of the dialogue is a little strange and you think you know who the bad guy is, then you don’t, then you’re sure, then you’re not. It’s all messed up. And then it gets even weirder.

The Marine comes in like Bob Lee Swagger and goes out like Ray Donovan. And by the end it feels like he was there deliberately. I definitely ended with some questions but I believe that was the intent.

Death Waits for No Man

Death Waits for No Man Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – Death Waits for No Man is an interesting film which feels almost Tarantino like in places -particularly in the character of the wife.  Whilst it has a slow pace it works for the film, and the build up is almost constant. Your concern grows when the music stops.

4 stars 

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Death Waits for No Man

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