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Recently I invited Keith Anthony Baird to share the news about his latest release, A Dark Horse Dreamt of Nightmares, with readers. For a short time, you can grab a free copy and indulge the dark vibes within its pages (I already got mine).

UK indie author Keith Anthony Baird has recently produced a book of short stories which has just come to market. His previous works have been full-length novels, namely The Jesus Man and Nexilexicon

And a Dark Horse Dreamt of Nightmares continues the dark themes he’s known for. The tales are crafted for those who like horror, the supernatural, and science fiction. These six short stories explore some classic themes in contemporary settings. All have a dark vibe which creates the overall tone of the collection.

And a Dark Horse Dreamt of Nightmares by Keith Anthony Baird

6 Shorts by Keith Anthony Baird -In his own words

The book opens with The Sable Lane Catering Company which puts blood, gore, and terror immediately on the menu with a snapshot of a serial killer serving up something special for his sadistic clientele.

Next up is a pure 80s horror homage, with John: Carpenter giving a direct nod to the movie director’s catalogue of work.

Skullcherry Orchard sees a paranormal investigation take a turn for the worst in rural North West England. It’s a traditional ghost story given a contemporary flavour.

Story number four is rooted in the occult practices of the Nazi regime circa WWII and proves a terrifying and tragic turn of events for those who want to know just What’s In The Box?

No book of dark tales could be complete without a reworking of the time-honoured vampire saga, and Mother Rain and Father Wolf does just that. Presented as a warning to those who would meddle in the truth which lies behind a mythology, it chronicles age-old revenge on the Church.

Lastly, Floor 9 is a sci-fi piece which is quite simply designed to mess with your head. It has a split narrative and is a tad on the trippy side and hopefully just good fun.

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The ebook is FREE for 5 whole days in all marketplaces on Amazon. The promotion runs from Saturday 29th June to Wednesday 3rd July.

I encourage you to grab yourself a copy, and if you feel like lending a hand, then simply dropping a link into your social media profiles would do just fine.
I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Best Regards, KAB

You can catch up with Keith on Twitter @kabauthor

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