May 2022 Sign by Sign | Daemon Tarot

Your Daemon Tarot’s 2022 monthly messages are here to offer guidance and a hint about what you should consider each month.

You may notice some cards are repeated, after every pull I replace the card back in the deck and reshuffle so each card that comes out has the same chance to be pulled.

**For Entertainment Purposes Only – I’m not trying to sell your soul**

Daemon Tarot

Your Daemon Tarot for this Month

The Tarot Cards for Aries to Cancer


Lucifer You could find yourself feeling mischievous this month but play within the lines. Find sympathy and empathy for those you don’t agree with, seeing both sides of an argument is better than sticking solidly to your guns and failing to see the bigger picture or learn from the situation.


Flaga You may feel that things are at a standstill or that you are moving through a fog, focus on clearing away the debris and decluttering. Be the wind that blows away the cobwebs.


Ganga-Gramma Before you get involved in a situation make sure you have all the facts and know the situation, your pride could lead you in with the blinkers on and you may find yourself wading through muddy waters alone.


Caym Has life been a little chaotic of late, cut through the chaos with ambient sounds and time to yourself. You need to recharge and let the chaos abate from your soul before you dive back in. Give yourself a moment to reflect and release.

When you drop the idea of predicting the future, you start to experience the cards as a mirror of the psyche. That`s when playing with the tarot becomes a path to wisdom.

Philippe St Genoux

What’s Coming for Leo to Scorpio


Brooms Is it time for a cleanse? Or perhaps you just need to cleanse and purify your space or thoughts. Focus on your home and hearth this month and that which needs a goo d clear out.


Rahovart Whether it’s someone you know or someone you encounter, there is a particularly lonely individual covering their feelings by being angry and grumpy. Life may have taught them to expect the worst of others and so they show the worst of themselves first. A little kindness could open up an entirely different side to them.


Deumus Uh-oh, has the gossip train begun again. Try not to step on board, don’t get drawn in to gossip or rumours this month, like last month, as the facts might not be as accurate as they appear.


Bufonite Find worth and beauty inside circumstances and items that others find ugly or worthless.

Playing with the tARoT is an art that enables you to see what you didn’t see before.

Philippe St Genoux

Daemon Tarot for Sagittarius to Pisces


Abigor You could find yourself in the midst of a skirmish this month, a battle of wills perhaps or a sudden sprint for a particular position. Foster loyalty, build team working skills and make rousing speeches to get ahead.


Gomory You may encounter love or inspiration this month, seek out beautiful things, create beautiful things, enjoy beautiful things.


Adramelech appearances may be deceiving, it is easy to select the right clothes to give the right impression but make sure their background, attitude, and behaviour backs up who they want you to believe they are.


Paimon You may come across someone this month who is abrasive and seemingly defensive, but they could have the knowledge you seek. Intelligent and knowledgeable people often come across as awkward, and you should watch for those behaviours in yourself.

Daemon Tarot Cards

The Daemon Tarot Cards

A daemon tarot deck by Ariana Osborne and illustrated by Louis Breton. Based on Collin De Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal.

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