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Everything you want is in front of you and The Daemon Tarot’s monthly messages are here to offer guidance for what you might encounter or should consider this month. I hope you are finding entertaining ways to fill your days.

You may notice some cards are repeated, after every pull I replace the card back in the deck and reshuffle so each card that comes out has the same chance to be pulled. And each card is interpreted for that sign and that draw so you may find a little difference in the predication too.

**For Entertainment Purposes Only – I’m not trying to sell your soul**

Daemon Tarot

Your Daemon Tarot for the Month of July

The Tarot Cards for Aries to Cancer

Aries March 21st to April 19th | Asmodeus Lust might bring out your demonic side this month, either bringing a dark desire to your passions or potentially causing you to take things a little too far when in pursuit of something you want.

Taurus April 20th to May 20th | Abigor You could find yourself in the midst of a skirmish this month, a battle of wills perhaps or a sudden sprint for a particular position. Foster loyalty, build team working skills and make rousing speeches to get ahead.

Gemini May 21st to June 20th | Belphegor You may experience an Eureka! moment this month but make sure you write it down and follow through if it seems like a good idea or it could get lost in the realm of incomplete ideas. You should also be wary of an idea that seems to good to be true or too easy, do your due diligence.

Cancer June 21st to July 20th | Forcas You could have a silver tongue when it comes to speeches or logical mind when it comes to solving problems but do all things with eloquence and grace.

When you drop the idea of predicting the future, you start to experience the cards as a mirror of the psyche. That`s when playing with the tarot becomes a path to wisdom.

Philippe St Genoux

What’s Coming for Leo to Scorpio

Leo July 23rd to August 22nd | Cerberus Are you dreaming of things beyond your current life, perhaps way out of your budget, but taking no action towards achieving them? Take a look around you at what you already have, the things that give you comfort, and focus on humility.

Virgo August 23rd to September 22nd | Cali Change is coming, put on your armor and walk into the change with determination, strength, and grace. Whatever it is, you can achieve greatness but be careful of wielding your power for power’s sake.

Libra September 23rd to October 22 | Ganga-Gramma Before you get involved in a situation make sure you have all the facts and know the situation, your pride could lead you in with the blinkers on and you may find yourself wading through muddy waters alone.

Scorpio October 23rd to November 21st | Leonard Just because someone has authority or a higher position than you that is no reason to fawn for their attention. Let your values and good work speak for themselves.

Playing with the tARoT is an art that enables you to see what you didn`t see before.

Philippe St Genoux

Daemon Tarot for Sagittarius to Pisces

Sagittarius November 22nd to December 21st | Xaphan Are you being destructive instead of inventive when trying to solve problems. Are the thoughts and opinions of others leading you astray and causing you to act out when the more logical course of action would be to express your support in other ways. Beware of taking things to far this month. Take a step back and think it through before acting.

Capricorn December 22nd to January 19th | Alocer Chart your course with the aid of the stars this month and appreciate the treasures you have and receive.

Aquarius January 20th to February 18th | Agares Bring allies and helpful items closer as you push destructive influences away this month, find guidance in your family -whether they be blood relatives or not- and know you are always headed home.

Pisces February 19th to March 20th | Abraxas You may witness to magic this month, but is it real or sleight of hand? Before of hidden truths but don’t be afraid to use your own magic honestly.

Daemon Tarot Cards

The Daemon Tarot Cards

A daemon tarot deck by Ariana Osborne and illustrated by Louis Breton. Based on Collin De Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal.

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