Wanna know how you’ll fare this Christmas? | Daemon Tarot

Messages from your Daemons

Christmas is a difficult, complicated, expensive time of year. But it can also be fun, fulfilling, and surprising. If you’re anything like me you’re a smidge frazzled -ha ha ha- and in desperate need of a festive alcoholic beverage (tequila is festive right?) to wash away the sin of paying too much to put a smile on a loved ones face. Because they might say it’s not the way to show you care but have you ever tried not buying gifts, telling them you’re skint, and giving them a nice hug instead? All I’m saying is, the Daemon Tarot might be able to shine a little light on the areas you either need or don’t need to worry about, lifting a little of the burden from your soul (sorry, I go a little dark at Christmas). 

**For Entertainment Purposes Only – I’m trying to sell your soul**

Daemon Tarot

Your Daemon Tarot for the Month of CHrIsTmaS!

Aries to Cancer

Aries – Garuda – looks like you’re going to face some difficult situations, try to remain patient with those out of town relatives. But remember to repay those who have helped you on your way towards your goals.

TaurusStolas – Well, I guess you’re the skint one this year – focus on the search for true worth and see the value in what you receive.

GeminiZaebos – Focus on romance and comfort, as there is a deep love in the cards for you this season.

CancerFlaga – You’re going to have to clear some things away, clear up debris both physically and mentally. You’ll feel better for it in the new year.

Leo to Scorpio

LeoAzazel – This could be a season of disruption, be careful you’re not looking for someone to blame where there isn’t anyone at fault. And be sure to praise those who experience success rather than taking credit.

VirgoCaacrinolaas – You will learn the secrets of others, secrets they do not want shared. So be careful you don’t use that knowledge to cause harm. 

LibraFurfur – Your Christmas could be filled with deepening passions and strengthening relationships but beware the depths of your emotions don’t become destructive.

ScorpioBehemoth – you may find yourself feeling the need to mock other people’s natural instincts and actions, this is not classy. And you should consider whether your own instincts are necessary or worth acting on. That is to say, there’s gonna be a lot of food and you may be wise to occasionally say no to a second helping.

Sagittarius to Pisces

SagittariusMoloch – Either you will find yourself being way to strict on someone and dishing out punishments (which could have a negative backlash on you) or someone is going to feel the need to be overly strict and domineering with you. Try and stay on the nice list. 

CapricornMammon – Take a moment to enjoy and appreciate what you have and what you have achieved this year before the getting presents takes over from the giving of them. It doesn’t matter if someone got more than you or if their’s is better, honest. 

AquariusAlocer – Your Christmas is going to feel like a Viking battleground at times but you’re the warlord and need to keep an eye on things, plan out as much as you can to keep everyone on course.

PiscesBarbatos – You or someone close to you may lose something but not to worry, you’ll seem like you have a natural gift for finding things and having an animal around whilst you search could enhance your abilities. 

The Daemon Tarot Cards

A daemon tarot deck by Ariana Osborne and illustrated by Louis Breton. Based on Collin De Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal.