The Creepiest Things I’ve Seen Recently

The chances are you’re subscribed to a litany of marvellous social media accounts. About half of those, at least, provide you with a delightful selection of gore-tastic gruesomeness. The creepiest ones are those that make you wrinkle up your nose and turn away from the screen. I’ve seen a few like that this week and wanted desperately to grab everyone in the office and make them look too. Unfortunately the cat isn’t keen on being grabbed.

On principle I read or watch everything I share on twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere – if I’m not prepared to sit through it why should I expect anyone else to? But on occasion these things need a little more air time – so to speak. So I have dragged them out of the dark pits of hell and onto your screen. Sit tight!

Gosh Darn it I Love the Gruesome Stuff


Free Hugs..!!* #scary #clown #scaryclown #freehugs #funny #meme #horror #friends #ragingzombies

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Okay this isn’t the article I briefly saw but it has the same connotations. The one I saw was for an injection that could possibly cure fear. For a horror writer that would be the worst possible thing in the world. On the one hand it has a myriad of possibilities for plots, but on the other it could turn us all into robots or zombies – for the benefit of the government. It’s some of our worst horrors turned into reality! A reality that could happen!

Here is the article with the creepy gif Slightly Creepy Experiment with ants

If I do locate the original article I will update this post.


Now if you’re not following CryptTV you’re missing out on some truly weird offerings. This one is gross though, can’t stand people who….wait, I’m not giving you any spoilers!

I got your NOSE DADDYI got your NOSE!! (Warning: This gets GRAPHIC!!)

Posted by Crypt TV on Thursday, 25 February 2016

Kids are the creepiest that’s for sure. One of mine -not too long ago- got up in the early hours, walked into my room and just stood there. Eyes wide open, blank faced, and not saying anything. Eventually he agreed to go back to bed – gotta wonder what he was dreaming about. And consider putting a lock on my door.

And staying on the creepy children theme there’s also this one…it’s possible to be too nice, right?

What Happens when you Play Doctor‘Mom, Dad – we lost another one!’

Posted by Crypt TV on Wednesday, 24 February 2016



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