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When violent histories collide

Clinical is the story of a psychiatrist with a violent history trying to deal with the horror she witnessed and couldn’t prevent. And how she tries to help someone else put their life back together. Starring Vinessa Shaw, Kevin Rahm, and India Eisley.

From the beginning there is an obvious level of violence. So if you’re squeamish it might not be the best movie for you. But the violence comes in small doses so it’s not continuous. Often giving way to psychological scenes that put you inside different peoples heads. Any late night viewing might put you in an ‘I’m not alone’ state of mind.

There were some intense moments and character emotions that got intense and a few weird jumpy moments.

The psychiatrist seems to be drifting into a situation where she isn’t sure when she’s awake and when she’s asleep. What’s real and what’s a dream. But to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure which was which either. And I’m not sure keeping me confused (as the viewer) was ideal. **Spoilers ahead**

The scene where she kills the young girl is really well acted but I had no idea whether it happened in the dream or in reality so was unsure how bothered about it to be. And even following scenes I was still wondering whether she was awake or still dreaming. It wasn’t until the reveal that it was made clear. And then it sort of just kept going until there was another reveal. And then it kept going some more.

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Clinical Review Conclusion

I probably won’t watch it again – Clinical was a little slow in places with strange psychological effects that didn’t quite do it for me. But having said that I wanted to keep watching. And it did eventually explain itself.

3.5 stars 

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