Scare the Christmas Out of them! | Dark Gifts

The beauty of horror-related Christmas gifts is that they are unusual enough that no one else is likely to have bought them. And when you’re trying not to give the same ol’ same ol’ you can’t go wrong with something a little on the weird side – OK, you can, but it’s the thought that counts right? So with a thought for the unusual, slightly quirky, and downright dark, here’s this year’s gift ideas:

Christmas Gifts for the Unusual & Slightly Strange

  1. How about a tea leaf reading cup and saucer? Handier than an Ouija board and unlikely to accidentally bring a spirit into the house. It wouldn’t look out of place in a display cabinet and who occasionally doesn’t wonder what the future will bring?

2) Or how about a little something for the chef in your life? A book of recipes inspired by the Hannibal TV show – I don’t know about you but that show always made me hungry! And whilst I’m not any kind of chef I’m willing to give these recipes a go – it says they’re easy to follow. And even if my attempts fall flat the book is filled with beautiful photographs and behind the scenes anecdotes. Or, if you’re responsible for Christmas dinner, you could buy it for yourself and just leave it laying on the side, with a little flour on the cover, where your dinner guests can see it.

3) How about a little Krampus cheer? I love Krampus stuff and always think I should get Krampus Christmas cards but I went with a more western feel this year -handmade too. Anyway, I love Funko Pops and have a few -with very specific rules that I stick to or I’d end up needing an extra room or two- but there’s so much Krampus stuff that you could decorate with Krampus too!

4) And if there’s no chance of them calming down, sitting and playing nicely with their toys, you could always indulge in a little Kraken. A bottle of spiced black rum also makes a stunning gift. You can find Kraken related gifts here.

5) Candy! Everyone loves candy – right? When all else fails and you’re short of cash or can’t think of anything else to get them or don’t want to get yet another pre-packaged smellies gift set get Candy. Check out The Evolution Store for some of the most amazing gift possibilities.

Christmas, candy
Scorpion Lollipop from The Evolution Store

6) Returning to the Overlook Hotel in Doctor Sleep this year, a hip flask to keep the rum in you know you’ll need when all the family arrives for the yearly gathering. All of them. In a house that rarely holds more than four.

So there you go, horror-related items you can buy as Christmas gifts even if the person you’re buying for isn’t as into horror as you (or that you can put on your wish list for Santa to bring you).