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Woohoo it’s Christmas – the Sprouts are getting fat!

Not too long ago, just after I saw the John Lewis Christmas advert, I thought to myself ‘I can do an advert too!’ I planned out the story board, just like a real director would do. I gathered my cast, built some sets, hunted around the attic for props, and ordered an Elf.

We named the Elf when he arrived but he soon became known by his nickname Elf Man.

He was soon followed by this chic called Tressy…

But as it turned out, and despite her amorous attentions, Tressy already had a boyfriend…

Elf man was sad, and drowned his sorrow in chocolate.

But then he started stalking Tressy

Obsessing over her, steeling things and taking her photos…look closely….

And trying to get her out of his head anyway he could

The Kate Trinity Christmas Advert


Hopefully this puts an end to Elf Man’s attempts to get Tressy back – surely he’s gone too far now?

The Christmas Advert Stars Include…

Tressy, Christmas AdvertTressy


Action Man, Christmas AdvertAction Man


Sprouts, Christmas AdvertMr & Mrs Sprouty


Elf Man, Christmas AdvertElf Man




Final Note:

I hope you’re well on your way to being ready for the big day and having fun with your elves. I’ve written a post for Friday to help you survive the Horrordays 🙂 Until then, join me on Instagram to see what else the Elf Man might get up to.


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