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Chillingham Castle and the Psychokinesis Experiment

You’ve probably seen your favourite ghost hunters venture into Chillingham Castle -maybe you’ve even been there. And you probably have some idea of the phenomenon that occurs there. So the very thought of deliberately going in and using that energy for an experiment in psychokinesis is exciting. Whilst A Blood Red Sky is a group of American Ghost Hunters, they did bring in a very familiar face (If you watch most haunted anyway) – Dr. Ciarán O’Keeffe.

I watch quite a lot of ghost hunting shows. I enjoy them. There are teams I like and teams that just don’t do it for me.

A Blood Red Sky

Chad Calek took his AGH Investigative team to Chillingham Castle in 2012, to conduct an experiment into the reality of psychokinetic ability. The results defied logic.


Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe, a psychologist specialising in parapsychology and forensic psychology, is a well-known sceptic. Preferring to find evidence than just simply believe the bumps in the night are something paranormal.

Chad Calek, a director and producer with titles to his name such as The Private Public, American Ghost Hunter, and Paranormal State, and paranormal investigator.

Justin Holstein, a producer, director, writer, editor and director of photography Justin has worked on many projects in different roles, and as a paranormal investigator.

Mary Beth Wylie, also appeared in American Ghost Hunter.

Joe Ansley,  a professional musician and AGH Investigator, and the focus of this film.

A Blood Red Sky at Chillingham Castle

A Blood Red Sky Review Conclusion

I would watch another one – A very interesting investigation with ghost hunting and controlled experiences. How an investigator went into a room, what they were subjected to beforehand, and how their experience affected the rest of the team – even Ciarán. I would be interested to see how these experiments would work in a more controlled environment. And perhaps, with people who are not used to spending hours hunting ghosts in old buildings.

4 stars 

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