Charles Manson -The Early Years | Part 1

I’ve always been somewhat reluctant to write a post about Charles Manson. Mostly because everyone does it, and there are soo many movies and shows about him or involving him that it all seems rather done to death. Including Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Season 2 of Mindhunter.

Recently deceased, Nov 19th 2017 (aged 83), Manson was a long-time criminal, songwriter and became a cult (The Family) leader. Leading to the violent murders of 9 notable figures between July and August of 1969. 50 Years ago.

Charles Manson’s Early Years

Manson’s early years were filled with ups and downs and uncertainties. His mother was a regular and heavy drinker, spending time in jail and uninterested in being a parent. She’d ran away from home and got pregnant with Manson at 15. And married the man who would give Charles the surname we all know him by, William Manson, when she was just 16 and not long after Charles was born.

He spent a lot of time being cared for by relatives, including a very religious grandmother and several aunt’s and uncles -one uncle committed suicide whilst looking after the boy.

Playing Truant

He played truant often and soon started stealing aged 9. His mother placed him in a home for delinquent boys, he ran away twice. The first time back to his mother who returned him, and the second when he went back to school after an incident where he was caught trying to steal a gun whilst staying with his aunt and uncle over Christmas in 1974.

This time though he didn’t go back, he rented a room and supported himself by committing burglaries. When he was caught he got sent to another home for boys, but for days in he and another boy stole a gun and a car, robbed a grocery store and casino, and headed to the other boy’s uncle’s place. The uncle was a professional thief.

He chose to apprentice them. But Manson got caught again and sent to a boys reform school. Where Manson claimed the other boys raped him, and where he acted insane to convince others from attacking him. After a number of failed attempts, he once again escaped.

Charles Manson Early Years | Helterskelter

You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.

Charles Manson

With two other boys, he attempted to drive to California but got arrested in Utah and sent to a training school for boys where they tested his IQ, amongst other things. With an IQ of 109, just about the national average, and found to be illiterate, his caseworker considered him aggressive and antisocial.

Part 2 Coming Wednesday

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