Did someone say ‘CryptTV are gonna publish horror novels’?

I feel as if this news was a gentle whisper on the wind…of the internet

But I did some digging (as I do) and found some exciting news – CryptTV and Inkshares are buddying up to run a competition to find a horror novel to publish under the CryptTV brand. I have been waiting, like, forever, for something like this!

So after spying it briefly on Mr Roth’s Instagram I got all excited; and then antsy when I couldn’t find a blasted thing about it. So here’s what you need to know…

The Conversation Probably went something like this…

‘So, don’t you think we’ve been leaving the writers out?’

‘Gosh, you’re so right. Lets do something about that!’

Pondering and hmmming occurred whilst they wracked their brains for a goretastic idea. Then one of them had a light-bulb moment (probably whilst on a loo break) and dashed back to the others to suggest Inkshares.

Inkshares, hands on hips, cape flapping in the breeze from the pages of a thousand books, said:

‘You’ve come to the right place!’

Then there was some huddling, and whispering, pen scribbling, and finally a sigh of relief. The plan was formed.

The Plan: Create competition on Inkshare for horror writers, see who gets the most votes, publish book with CryptTV branding. Sorted.

The Inkshares Investigation

I ambled on over to Inkshares a few times before I found the competition. I’ve never used Inkshares before, in fact, I wasn’t even aware of it before. So I joined…You can find me here if you want to do some mutual following.

Inkshares is a platform where you can discover new books and publish your own, but…there is a process, and no guarantee you’ll be published. Its kinda like crowd-sourcing – if you get 250 pre-sales the publishing process begins. Editing, designing, printing, distributing, marketing is all taken care of. You can find out more about the process here. But you only need to start with an idea.

Dah-dah-da-daaa Presenting: The Contest!

The Crypt TV Collection Contest

It begins on September 1st and ends on October 31st. That’s two whole months and all you need to get going is an idea; and perhaps a chapter or two to see if it ignites a spark of excitement in the readers.

CryptTV wants to find up and coming writers in the horror genre to promote -who wouldn’t want an opportunity to be part of CryptTV’s #WeirdisGood message?- and with a possibility of future TV and film adaptations the possibilities are endless.

But here’s the good news –for those of you (like me) thinking ‘aw hell, how am I meant to get 250 pre-sales on a platform I’ve never used before?’– they’re going to publish the projects with the three top reader counts at the end of the contest, even if you haven’t reached your pre-sale goal. And…out of those three, CryptTV will select the ones they want to be in their collection. With their branding. And their promotion – just imagine, Eli Roth holding your book, telling the horror world to buy it now….*sigh*

Erm…actually, you guys probably aren’t interested in this kind of competition, just forget I ever mentioned it. Nothing to see here, move along. Yes, you too sir, move along now.