August | Neon Demon | Clowns | #AHS6

Monthly Roundup

To keep a tight reign on my sanity I find organisation is key. Everything in it’s place, everything at the right time, no surprises. So I figured, do a roundup, remind yourself what’s happened this month, take a look at what might happen next month. Neon Demon, creepy Clown stuff, and the latest on American Horror Story are just some of what’s been happening.

plants, pots, seeds and tools

Clowns: sometimes they do bad things

From Creepy clowns appearing on the streets, to trying to lure children into the woods, to the scary clown that’s meant to be roaming Universal Studios this Halloween – August could almost be the month of the clown. Except for the fact that Halloween is not till October…

We’ve always had a bit of a love hate relationship with clowns. You go to the fair, they have balloons, they smile, juggle, and are friendly and nice. But there have been a few not so nice clowns too – John Wayne Gacy for example.

The first I heard of it was the Green Bay Clown – a dirty clown wandering the streets at 2 am with black balloons.

Then there was the news that creepy clowns were terrorizing a community in South Carolina, trying to lure children into the woods.  Not to mention the clown said to be roaming around Universal Studios…as Eli Roth takes over the Terror Tram for Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights

American Horror Story Season 6 Trailers

There have been more of these blasted misdirecting trailers – only one is meant to be the real thing and we heard that piece of news before trailer #10. We’ve seen sets from a colony – the word Croatoan on a tree, just like the Roanoke Disappearance. A number of trailers that seem to depict movies. And the suggestion of Charles Manson appearing in this season. I mean, I suppose a movie theme would be possible, Manson and his followers did live for quite some time on the Spahn Ranch. A ranch that had been used for a number of movies in the 40’s and 50’s. Sharon Tate, one of his victims (along with her unborn baby), was an actress. Her husband, Roman Polanski, directed Rosemary’s Baby Trailer #1.  This is one of the six trailers we’re told include the theme for the new season.

There are so many theories floating around that when the show does finally air their will be a lot of strange noises coming from the viewers. Some will be yelling ‘I knew it!’ whilst others will be just finally glad to know wtf is going on. Although there is talk that the title has been leaked – American Horror Story: The Mist which would link to trailer #7 (not one of the 6 trailers).

With only 14 days left until the show airs (September 14th) what else do the producers have in store to wind us up before then?

Ready to watch the Neon Demon?

If you haven’t already heard about Neon Demon here’s the trailer…

Even though almost everything is overshadowed by the ponderings of American Horror Story themes the Neon Demon hasn’t been quiet. Released in the cinemas back in June it’s now available for digital release, a whole two months before the DVD. Starring Elle Fanning as an aspiring actress who heads to L.A. to try to make a name for herself. Where she encounters others who are willing to do anything to get what she has, in this bright cannibalistic horror.

It can be downloaded and watched here on iTunes or per-order from Amazon – it’s official release date is 31st October.

Neon Demon

Other tidbits:

  • Don’t Breath hit cinemas and unceremoniously shoved Suicide Squad off the top spot.
  • Ash vs Evil Dead trailers and posters are starting to give us glimpses into season 2
  • Morgan is released this Friday (September 2nd -aw they made a movie for my birthday)